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When the body talks, you’ve got a few choices.

Among them is tuning in to that voice as a direct road to maximizing your sovereignty.

You can of course pick any number of other roads, but the body talks pretty loudly, so if you’re not hearing it, you’re just deaf.

One of those roads is “Hear and Ignore”. You’re getting the message to some degree, but you either aren’t sure what to do with it or you somehow don’t notice the message. This is a hard space to be in and often times generates a lot of guilt and a fair bit of frustration.

–This might be the decision maker in the room getting stomach aches before meetings with manipulative contract clients. He feels the pain but doesn’t associate it with the source.

–It could also be the energetically sensitive healer choosing the interpretation that ruffles the least feathers. She knows what she’s sensing but would rather not make waves.

–I’ve also seen it come about in the form of the successful business founder feeling hallow, lethargic, and disinterested in his work. But instead of addressing the misalignment that rings clear like a monastery bell, he tries a new CRM, reorganizes his task flow, and considers launching another product that mostly makes sense.

Unfortunately -or fortunately- the body is persistent.

It is the vessel and vehicle of your exploration in this reality of duality.
It is the sensory organism by which you know the rest of the universe.
It is the sign post by which others know your true self in the world.

And it is pretty good at not letting you off the hook.

Too much shitty food?
Not enough water?
Excessive work hours?

Disregarding your core alignment, interest, and purpose here?
Insert all manner of chaotic sensations.

And that’s not even the good stuff.

Your body isn’t just reactive to poor care. It is also the means by which your deeper knowledge, wisdom, and awareness can peak through into life, because while intuition is an aspect outside of thought, and beyond the scope of physicality, the messages will come through as feelings and sensations.

Imagine, this thing that you live in is not just a biological mechanism but also a means to any end you willfully desire. It is that which types the words, creates the art, speaks to the clients, and channels your higher awareness into something you can easily access.

Are you experiencing a success yet somehow it feels incomplete?
Are you constantly THINKING through decisions, with decent results?

Or even deeper,
Do you know the voice of your own intuition?
Do you track your body through all layers?

Humans are evolving in a world under stress. You’ve probably felt it. And you have choices. Outsource the responsibility, neglect the signals, treat the symptoms…

Or tune into the mechanisms of your own completeness,
The ones you were born with before you were domesticated.

Sit quietly for a moment and listen.
Optimize your sensors and adapt to the world.
Watch the colors of your life become vibrant again.

Your clarity is a conversation away, are you listening?

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