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You crossed the line into adulthood and nobody told you that you skipped something essential. They let you walk on down the path of society-says, and how were you to know?

We’ve gotten ourselves into a civilization that has forgotten its roots. Left behind the vestiges of mythic royalty only to find that the new duds haven’t been made yet. This world hasn’t quite realized it’s premature discarding of something profoundly capable of evolving with us. Tossed aside because the transformation was too difficult; better to leave the masculine naked and submissive, aye?

I couldn’t stand for that.

I couldn’t bear to be drifting along on someone else’s story board. And yet where was the coming of age tale? I set out on a mission to create it for myself. I ventured further from “home and safe”. Went to camping events and then simply went camping. I soon stopped going to official camp grounds and ventured to where the roads have numbers instead of names and only 4x4s can hang. I learned to hunt and painted my face with mud and fire ash.

Then the world got smaller and I spent years wandering the globe searching for something. Experience? Adventure? Purpose?

I let my body guide me in the rewilding because there weren’t many obvious options.

And that was only on the surface.

The real work happened deep beneath, whether I was in the wild or not.

Something shifted. Some awareness came over me. A primal fire in my soul that told me where to turn, what training to enter, where to take my body for the next lesson.

Humanity is scrambling to make sense of a world without the keys that our ancestors tried to hand us. Buried in the stories of old -poetic mythographic wonders of humanity- the forgotten arcane truths are disregarded.

And you are paying the bill.

You are wandering through a world dripping with incomplete notions of self realization. And despite all economic success and rightful progress in the eyes of that very same confused world, you can feel it, can’t you?

You can feel something inside of you, but it’s gone to sleep. Dormant and unaware of the mess happening on the surface. You know that this thing that is yours would revolutionize your world, and possibly the world at large…if only you knew what it was.

But it is not a meek, sleeping fawn.

It is a resting lion, waiting.
It is a hibernating bear.
It is a nestled eagle.

Your primal self speaks these languages as fluently in the wild as it will in the boardroom (and the bedroom). It resonates with the power of the primordial as cleanly in the office as the forest. You think you’ve got to go camping to hear a whisper of it and that’s all there is?

Think again. No, better yet, feel again.

In your bones and your guts. In the recesses of your etheric body. In the long deep breath that fills your chest and the confident strides that move you across the earth. In the eyes that see something dancing on the horizon or amidst distant trees.

Feel for the parts of you that are hallow, empty, quiet, sleeping. These are not truly empty, only waiting to receive your full and dynamic self.
It’s time. No more waiting.
You’ve got the economics handled.
It’s time to reclaim your wild soul.
It’s time to awaken your primal intuition.
It’s time to become your next evolution and take that to all of the places you’ve already been with fresh eyes and a new awareness.

The only thing you’ve got to lose is a life half lived.
I’d say that’s worth losing.

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