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In this wide world – this universe of duality-
Where the human condition is all consuming.
Every moment is packed to capacity with sights
And sounds, and all manner of smells and flavors.

You’re in it 1000%.

When you ride the train or drive your car you’re here.
When you walk to work or get your bike, you’re here.
The full force flow of what this is doesn’t slow down,

Not by default.

And it’s fully customizable from the micron to the galactic.
You can divide this place we call home, even in its infinite form, 
Into piece as great or small as your mind is capable of comprehending.

Not you. No. 
Your mind.

The apparatus of your exploration.
The translator of intangible into understood.
The mechanism of collection that harvests sensory input.

That’s the thing. That’s the tool. That’s the frame.

The frame of your perspective as you hurtle through time, and space,
Both imaginary but so, so beautiful and effective in this place.

Expand the mind, expand the frame.
Remove the limits, remove limitation.
Craft your own roles, craft your reality.

You feel it, don’t you?

Deep down inside of you the expansion of all that emotion can touch swims and rolls, a ocean of felt experience.

You sense it, as well?

Energetic movements of the cosmos, and even your own beating heart, dancing unseen beneath the “real”.

And outside of the “real”?

Everything you could possibly imagine and an endless greatness beyond your human perception.

All of that funneling between the neurons of your brain. 
Slipping into your conscious perception by way of gray matter.

Your very *existence* is determined by the quality of your thought.

The emotion is waiting.
The feeling is waiting.
The knowing is waiting.

The infinite everything is waiting on your manifestation,
Locked behind closed doors of expectations driven
By the ideas and rules of someone ELSE.
Stuck solidly within a box that says, “Not how the Universe Works.”

But you forgot something, while you were shuffling through the menu.
You lost track of a simple truth that supersedes all others.

You. Write. The. Menu.
You. Write. The. Rules.
You. Are. Sovereign.
You. Are. Free.

All that mucking about in the grit of this tangible world has you forgetting yourself. Forgetting your infinite, courageous, powerful, epic self.

It happens. Let it go. 
But now is your time.
Time to remember
Something you forgot
While you were in there
Enjoying the humanity
Of this real experience…

You. Are. Sovereign.
You. Are. Free.

All of that infinite rapture funneling and filtering through the mechanism of your mind, framework of your perception, gateway to your consciousness…

Do yourself a favor.
Do yourself a great service.
Do yourself a great honor born of love.

Hone that mechanism.
Sharpen that blade.
Refine that apparatus.

Upgrade relentlessly. 
Enhance at will and whim.
Optimize every corner.

Your manifestations stand behind the keys of vision, intention, and focus. 
Your created reality sits one needle’s eye away and much easier to get.
You’re going to experience exactly what you really, truly expect
In every single level and layer, fiber and part, every piece
Of the you that You are being right now.

So make it really fucking good.
Make it count in the best ways.
Make it what it already is:


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