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… the air lights up with the enigmatic feel of the living earth.

It’s there all the time in every space we place our feet, but it isn’t such that the voice is always recognizable. It isn’t always heard above the hum of the human mechanizations and complications.

But in the weather we get a taste.

In an afternoon breeze that brings a million pines alive in rustling chorus not unlike the ocean but profoundly distinct…

In the patter of rain on dry dirt and the smell of living soil breathing; lungs of the earth moving atmosphere…

In every single flick of light by spring storms over sweeping hillscapes that move like the ocean in their stillness…

We get a taste.

And of course you can find this voice in the city. You can find it in the places where the weather is mild and the variation is minimal and mostly it’s our own sounds that we listen to the most… but that’s not what we need.

In this day there’s a cacophony of work do be done.
In this day we must show up sovereign and capable.
In this day it’s not enough to schedule it for later.

Often we need to be reminded of the ground we stand on while we make motions to change the world. we need to be in touch with the gross material realm that our body resides and our actions reverberate through. We need that stable place to be while consciousness flies through the stars and beyond.

Only we don’t always know it.

And there’s a lot of embodiment needed by people who can’t feel their own roots. A primal rewilding that like the threading of a needle will feel confining until it sets us free to create.

I find that the most effective grounding,
That the most powerful reminder,
The direct path to hearing…

Lies in doing our work in places where the Earth has direct access to our souls. Where the weather reflects the dynamic life of a planet we call home. Where we are confronted with the honest truths of our presence, or lack there of.
I’ve sat for hours watching corvid nutcrackers fly from tree to ground to tree, collecting seeds to bury them and back again, like a time lapse full spectrum magic eye puzzle. And the world landed in my lap with a resounding totality.

It’s all in there. Every aspect of the whole universe speaks through these animals perfecting their dharma. Every what and why has space to breathe.

And in that space we find ourselves as well, from roots to crown. The surrendering is reflective and we can’t help but feel ourselves when we stand up again.

There are so many people with big missions, weighty obligations, or strong influence that have drifted out of touch with the very thing they’re working for.

The influential get caught up in their rhetoric.
The obligated get crushed by the weight.
The big missions live in the clouds.

Meanwhile, most folks just need the orienting compass of their own intuitive soul to be set free from the shackles of confusion and misdirection. From lack of focus and lack of feeling. From being expected to do so much but never really settling into their own fucking skin first.

Because after-all, that’s your base of operations.
Your own fucking skin.

And it’s not your fault. This is the world we live in. It’s complicated and complex and we’re being held to a higher degree of excellence by every passing moment.


As far as I’m concerned it’s a mark of mild insanity to think you can do for and with others and the earth while your foundation is made of crumbled sand and wishful thinking. While you have no tools to care for yourself and simple questions like, “how are you feeling?” make you nervous.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s your birthright to feel good and be in beyond optimal state.

And as far as I’m concerned, if you intend to do anything in the world, you better show up moderately sorted and stable. Through the ebb and flow of being human, there’s a baseline that is absolutely under your control. That after the pitfalls and downward spirals, you still land on that solid ground within yourself. That under the pressure of what you’re absolutely here to do, you don’t break beyond where you can dust your knees off.

If you don’t have that,
Or you even remotely suspect it’s lacking,
Or you just want to up-level yourself for the life at hand,

Now is always a better time.

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