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There is a conversation happening in the world around calling. But where many folks are getting stuck is in mistaking that for choosing.

However, your true calling will be a clear choice.

Something I see over and over though, is a pressing of the will to create without tapping into deeper self truths; without turning on the primal intuition and full stack awareness first.

It’s a pressing that comes from excitement.
In some cases it’s a chasing of good feels.
Dopamine is a hell of a drug, and the ego loves to be stroked.

So what comes about is a declaration of a calling that hasn’t been wired in completely. I see it happen over and over again. Mostly in the conscious business space, but often sneaky in hustle-culture product launches.

But what happens next is painful to watch and uncomfortable to experience.

The calling is chosen,
The business is built,
The offer is launched….

And either it’s an utter flop because they didn’t actually do the prep-work, or expected there to be none…

Or the chord is struck and the clients come and there’s not actually any skill to back it up. Disappointment and awkward refunds abound.

This isn’t surprising, or uncommon, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

Some key aspects to this:

❄️If it is yours to do in the world, you’ll have a hard time not doing it.
❄️If it is yours to do, the work will not be difficult to commit to.
❄️If it is yours, you will be able to feel it, bone deep.
❄️If it is, you will be uniquely qualified.

Now, this comes with a caveat: there’s work to do so that the bones speak and the work is clear. So that the calling is understood and the choice making isn’t derailed.

It’s not much, but it is vital.

Rewilding yourself is something like doing homework for college course, only to find out that you don’t have to turn the homework in after you already did it.

It’s not about checking boxes.
It’s not a pokemon you can scoop.
It’s about tapping into something foundational.

You can spend years in the wilderness like I did, and I promise you the part that changes your life forever is what happens inside of you when you integrate it. The part that happens under the surface and shows up like the sunrise on a fog covered meadow, revealing everything you didn’t know you had, right in front of you, in full technicolor.

And this is where my work comes in.

I’m not here to teach bow-drill fires and shelter building.
I’m here to help you feel the significance of that skill in your soul.

I’m not here to take people on back country adventures.
I’m here to show you where the wilderness can be your greatest teacher.

I’m not here to give novelty experiences in beautiful places.
I’m here to facilitate a primal awakening and guide you to the gold.

That’s the stuff you take home with you.
That’s the power you bring to your life and your business.
And people will ask you about your adventure, of course.

I find that sometimes the only thing you can do is smile and nod, tell them it was amazing, and relish the sensation of being confident that the world can serve up adventure and challenges and you’ll be ready.

This photo is from years into my time with horseback archery, and specifically working with my horse, Anawyn. I could have said no, but the path was obvious. She needed me and I needed her, and in that moment, the choice was clear.

And when your next calling speaks, and you feel certainty to your core, that’s a hell of a feeling.

I’d like to give you access to that. What have you got to lose?

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