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We’ve all got a measure.
We don’t want to admit it,
But we do.

You might say, ‘No no, my life is priceless, I would never place a value on it!’

You’d stand mighty and strong in that moment,
And declare that you REFUSE to state a number.
You feel strong. You feel proud. You feel powerful.
You’ve declared your place in the universe
And there’s no question in your mind
That you are worth more than
Can be stated in

And in that moment you FEEL that it’s true.

But the time passes…
And you go about your day…
And something comes up with a choice…
And suddenly despite saying that you’d never, ever…
Place a price on your own live; your own experience…
You end up setting one without even realizing it.

Not sure what I’m talking about?
Let me give you some examples.
You’re at a restaurant. You love the food. The menu is mesmerizing. You want to eat *everything*.

Your mouth waters as you look over the menu. 
Each plate is more enticing. Each plate seductive.

You think to yourself, ‘I want one of each!’, 
And you consider the possibility that you 
Might just try and eat everything this time.


And then your eyes drift to the other side of the menu.
And the numbers that represent prices come into focus.
And suddenly… strangely… some of the plates seem
A little less delicious in your mind. How strange?

But you block out that questioning voice
Because you don’t want *those* plates.

You were just excited, surely?

So what’s the number?
Where did you draw the line
Between ‘Delicious’ and ‘No thanks’?
Another scenario…

You’ve just found a long lost friend.
Despite ages of being attached at the hip,
You lost touch and it’s been years.
But here they are on the phone
You’re absolutely excited
You talk for hours 
As if nothing
Has ever

What a joy to find them again in your life!
The laughter makes your sides hurt and
You are pretty sure you might pass out
If you don’t catch your breath. Wow!

People are SO important in your life, you think,
And you’re pleased to have this one back.

The conversation is going so well,
And they tell you they’ve decided
To come visit you in your city!

Wow! Yes! Exciting!

You ask what day and it’s next week!
You pull up your calendar….

And a strange feeling comes over you…
Look at these plans I made?
Look at these chores and tasks I need to do?

Maybe next week isn’t a good time?
Can we do another? No? Hmm…

But wait…

I thought this was one of THOSE humans,
The ones you want around as often as possible?

Where do you draw the line?
This is the nature of humans. 
We have a funny way of letting
Stories… and expectations…
And beliefs…. and rules….
Take us from, ‘My life is priceless!’
To, ‘Well, not that, not now, maybe another time…’

There are layers to WHO YOU ARE.
Conscious. Subconscious. External. Internal.
Emotional. Energetic. Persona. Occupation.
Foundation. Purpose. Intuition. Judgement.

The list goes on.

You are a dynamic creature.

How many of your layers and parts do you know?
Not to be confused with, ‘know OF’.
How many do you know intimately and deeply?
How much of yourself is mastered?
How much of your SELF is master?

Consider the possibility that whether you earn
$200 in a week, or $20,000 in a month,
There are parts and pieces of YOU
That you haven’t met yet and
Despite being unknown
They still control
WHO you ARE.

Consider the possibility that you COULD find and master these on your own. Or you could find the right tools, mentors, and training to get you there faster, clearer, and more profoundly.

Consider the possibility that when you say, 
“Me and my life are priceless!”
You could actually mean it because you 

And CREATE your reality.

Consider the possibility that you are infinite expanse
Experiencing this human condition, and that only you
Get to decide what that looks like. And that furthermore,
If you aren’t deciding, some other part of you is…

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