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Is there a story or a message hidden in the time worn fibers that finally, and without further adieu, give way? Is there something to be seen under the surface or is this just another case of the material universe being impermanent?

Could make a mole hill out of a mountain or a flood out of spring showers, as you choose.

This talisman has been with me for a long time. Custom silver alloy, primitive casting, hand carved glyphs. All of the things I wanted to keep with me and embody as I traveled. Across the globe and back again. I even lost it a few times and had a Thai tuk-tuk driver racing through the streets of Siem Reap to retrieve it while my sister stalled an entire long-haul bus.

Did I need this totem to travel safely? 
No. Tools are just extensions of us. 
Did it seemingly help, either by placebo, reminder, or magic?
Definitely yes.
Will I repair it, keep it, wear it?
With love and appreciation.

We create our reality, and our reality creates us.

I created this totem to exemplify aspects of experience I want in my life. It’s a cherished expression of how I want to be in the world. So if our reality creates us, I’d like to create a reality that brings out the best in me.

Totemic work isn’t really about outsourcing our power and authority to an object. That’s one option of course, but I find it’s what the object motivates from within a person that is both more interesting and more powerful. It’s the feeling we get from something meaningful and intentional in our physical space, creating it’s own ripples through the quantum field alongside ours.

So far I think it’s done the trick.

Curious if you have any special objects? What things do you find particularly meaningful or powerful? Do you see them every day? Do you touch them with your hands or your eyes?

Inquiring mind,
Oh so curious.

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