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What if all the fussing at what you should do or how you’ll be seen isn’t the point? What if your stories of insecurity are surface level at best, told by a fearful ego to an exceptionally unique and impressionable consciousness?

What if being anything particular isn’t the point?

Something is trying to move in you and through you,
From the depths of your lineage as a human being,
And the recesses of non-dual source, pre-individuation.
To the surface, no stops, no holds barred.
Your primal self, ready to fly.
Let loose because it MUST be set free?

Only you keep locking it down.

You think it’s about you, your image, your place in society, your challenges and your fears and you run with that story until you’ve forgotten the simple truth.

YOU are the one telling it.

And that story you tell that keeps you small and defined within the narrow band of mainstream domestication overshadows something much fucking bigger. Something that’s being wasted.

You’ve got a gift.
You’ve got a dream.
You’ve got a drive.

Behind those collared shirts and board meetings is more than just a cash-grab hustle. More than just status quo, CEO, formulas and rubrics. There’s an entire reality waiting for you to CREATE it. There’s full stack integration of everything you are in the world. There’s the real fucking YOU.

From balls to brains,
From energetic to physical,
From dreams to schemes…

You’re in the driver seat, even when you think you’ve landed yourself in someone else’s monotonous and unfulfilling meander through life. You created that.

And you can create something else.

You can take all of that wealth and experience and point it at what’s really calling you. Aim for the bullseye on what really lights you up. And no, this isn’t about rolling in the dirt to feel grounded or dancing ecstatically to feel your feminine. We can do those too, if you want.

But don’t waste this freedom following the domesticated rule makers, approximating true rewilding of your primal self, or flipping to the other side to be painfully ungrounded and thoroughly lost.

There is
Within you
A person who
Is both fully light,
And inky dark.
Who is deeply grounded
And blessed with wings.
Who is wild
And composed.
Who is able to move power,
Or skillfully contain it.
And regardless of which,
You are always
The one
To choose.

You feel it because you can’t not feel it.

You’ve gone through enough, experienced plenty, and built something of an empire. Yet the world didn’t remind you to check for integration, and the powerful hacks have been white washed for mass consumption. Where do you turn in a world that makes meditation a buzz word? Meanwhile, most of modern business lives solidly where the soul struggles to shine.

So you feel the empty space. The imbalance in your person.
The slogging grind that sets no fire in your heart.

But you want it. You want that capable range of expression that only the truly refined have. You want to know your purpose, have an epic mission, and move passionately through the world.

You want to be more of that which is beneath all of the fuss.

I lean further in every day to the being that is mine because I have an insatiable desire to know my truth and set others free. But it’s not mine to do it for you or anyone else.

And who gets to choose which way the world goes?

That’s right.

You do.

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