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This world is filled with a lot of people telling you what.

What it’s made of.
What’s included.
What to do.

And a fair bit of talking at you about how.

How to do it.
How it works.
How you’ll feel.

And sometimes it works. And you buy the thing or sign up for the service. And other times, arguably more often, it simply muddies your internal process. Someone else’s opinions, cleverly crafted to leverage psychology and social influence, nestled comfortably in the center of your mind.

I watch this and I shake my head.

But I used to buy into it. I used to play the games, or at least try to. Leveraging all the right tactics, all the right words. You might even say that this is a tactic in itself. Fair enough.

I can’t prove it isn’t, but I can say this:

I won’t tell you what to do, why to invest, how to feel. Instead, I am going to tell you to do what they (unless they’re legit) are afraid you’ll realize for yourself: I am telling you to respond to the draw.

Respond to whatever pulls you towards something. Notice it. Feel it. Check it for truth and validity. Check it for integrity. Check that it aligns with yourself, with your goals, with your dreams…

Respond to the instinct inside of you.

In the roots of your foundation is a capacity for awareness and knowing. The ability to choose for yourself is in your bones.

And while you recenter on that, I’m stepping back.

Back into myself. Back into my trust. Back into my strength.

I spent too long trying to do it their way. Trying to craft the perfect sales pitch and leverage the right offer strategies. It took me another bit of time to recognize that while I’d stopped trying to DO it their way, I still had a foot in their world.

But my world is at the edges. I walk at the fringes of anything, in endless exploration of the uncharted worlds.

Both the inner, and the outer.
The physical, and the immaterial.

I chase down the mysterious so that I can infuse my work with it’s magic and wisdom.

Every piece.
Every conversation.
Every project.

It’s not about the perfect offering. All that has ever done is water down the essence of my capacity to serve you.

Instead, ask yourself if you feel something.
If you feel drawn to me in some way, known or unknown.

And if the draw is there, reach out. You may not even know what to say or ask for. Or maybe you do.

But it’s not about knowing what to say, it’s about feeling that pull, and trusting your gut.

For me, every day is about creation, adaptation, and customization. Flexibility flows into strategy informed by clear instinct. Every single client has a particular need. Every totemic object holds it’s own unique essence. Every moment is an opportunity to become more, and I hate to see that smothered.

All attempts at constructed offerings have been precarious.
Lets do away with that constructed what and how,
And get back to what your gut tells you.

I’ll meet you there, when you feel it.

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