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…so that our Truth can express clearly into our lives, relationships, and businesses.

And yet, somewhere along the line we got a bit lost.

I’d say we got really fucking lost, but I’m a metaphyst and an optimist so I’ll leave room for the good stuff. Still, it’s safe to say we turned people into commodities and time into money and the world is worse off for it.

In developed countries, where we’ve allegedly cracked the code on living well, most people have automated themselves into day jobs like Jetson’s characters. Habituated into monotony five days a week so that we can cut loose for about sixty hours. If, of course, exhaustion hasn’t set in and handed sleep the lion’s share of the weekend.

That’s a recipe for discontentment, but under the surface is something a bit more insidious. Down at the bedrock of awareness, something fundamental gets lost when we hustle and grind.

We lose ourselves.
I never did do the day job thing for long.

My first job was as a moving and delivery employee with the public school district, which essentially meant I had skeleton keys to 34 schools, a truck, and a stack of work orders. I was one of those self authorizing slaves.

Later I bought into the entrepreneurial hustle and grind story. I was doing work related tasks 60 -sometimes 80- hours a week. It felt good in the moment but my body took a beating and my soul died a bit. And at the back of my mind was always this question of, “What For?”

The key to freedom and sovereignty is not in selling one freedom for another, but in optimizing them all.

Hustle and grind can’t do this. You’ve probably noticed.
Spiritual bypassing can’t either. Because ew.

And the day job won’t get you there because it’s explicitly designed to treat you like a cog in the machine or a number on an operations sheet. It’s not that they hate you, but when it comes to company profit generation, they just don’t care.

And so we’re left with a choice: buy into the mainstream track and risk forgetting the thing that we are beneath the steady employment or the business venture…

Or tap into the once remembered unknown and risk everything else…

But this is a trick choice,
Because when you actually pick
Door number two
And you don’t give in
To all of the brainwashing
Something interesting happens.

You find yourself again.

You find that part of you that runs deep like tree roots and solid as bone. You find the part of you that knows more in fewer words and doesn’t need the validation of a good name tag. You find the thing that drove you in the beginning; that might have gotten left behind in favor of a good business strategy.

And when you find that thing that you left behind in the recesses of your consciousness,

Your business will improve…
Your relationships will strengthen…
Your contentment will unfold…

And that hard earned world you’ve created will make sense again because the heart of it gets a jump start.

Hear is the deal: when we work without being grounded in ourselves, we belittle the purpose of our work. We make it hallow. We make it blind. We leave it to dry and wither not knowing fully what we’ve lost because the losing comes with forgetting. And a forgotten treasure is no treasure at all.

But around here, we’re in the business of remembering and reminding.

Because doing comes from being,
And being comes from the soul.

What is it that lights you up in a wordless way?
What are you driven to do without motivational speaker or CRM?
What feels right in your guts long before it makes sense in your head?

These things can be small.
They can take little time.
Or they can be grandiose.
And define our character.

Let me ask you: do you remember who you are despite everything the world throws at you? And if you aren’t sure, are you willing to go find it?

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