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I’m swimming in time
-And through it-
As the salmon slips the water
As the sparrow cuts the breeze
As the wind cuts itself and whistles.

In the space between moments
There are more moments
Complete with remembrance
Complete with recollection
Complete with all that we are.

My mind moves and my self drifts
Landing me somewhere in potentiality
And deeply in awe of the infinitely possible.

I could move this body to anywhere
And watch it walk amongst the people.

I could take this form
To the edge and back
Return a changed man
Different and older
Yet indistinguishable.

I could walk amongst the stars
If I simply took the first step
To ask Antares for a dance
And made it known that I do
In fact, Have some moves.

I could be anywhere and do anything
And thus the significance is salient
When I choose this experience:

To be by your side
And build worlds with you.

Here is the greatest potential
Here is the greatest adventure
Here is the deepest journey
Here is the prodigious love
Here is the home of my heart.

And from there?

We’ll visit anywhere and do anything.
We’ll touch the stars and dance.
We’ll be and become.
We’ll live and
We’ll love.

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