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The moon is up, half full and waxing. About a week until Full and bright in the sky, and this tells me I am a quarter through my objective setting cycle.

Every Dark Moon I look at what I achieved since the last one.
Every New Moon I set objectives for the Moon’s next cycle..

When the full moon sits high in the sky, with bright attentive face watching me, it is a reminder that I am half way on to the path toward another evening of check-in and declare.

Not everything is due at the celestial desk of completion on the Dark/New moon. Some things complete faster. Others have a longer gestation. But regardless of what timeline one of my goals is on, there is always the moon to look after my progress.

This is my strategy for completing objectives.
In a world where there is far too much happening and everything seems to be measured in efficiency and profit margins, we’re faced with the challenge of “How”.

What is efficiency?
What is success?
When is failure?
Is it good enough?
Or is there more to be done?

Onward it goes, and the world responds with strategies thick as molasses and enough to choke on the words needed just to explain how the strategy works, before we ever get to actually using them.

Do you suppose this is the best way?

Better yet, let me ask you a few questions…

How much do you love what you do in the world?
Is what you’re doing closely aligned with your purpose? Your Dharma?
Can you feel your intuition when strategy fills your day with tasks?

If your answers are “not really” and “nope” and you don’t care about your gut knowing then by all means, stuff as much Strategy in your bag as you can and head for the door, because you aren’t ready for this.

But if you’ve got a “hell yes” and an “absolutely”, and you can no longer pretend intuition is a Jedi superstition, then you owe it to yourself to consider this carefully:

Strategy and structure is that which enables our brilliance, not automates it to death.

Complicated strategies that look like forty-two step instructions are designed by people who don’t feel their intuition for people that don’t trust themselves. You’ve been there. It might have worked for a time. But now you’re sitting on a pile of been-there-done-that and you know in your bones that something’s incomplete.

Do you trust yourself?
Do you want to?

Strategy for truly sovereign individuals is like river banks: Just enough to guide the flow of genius.

Structure for the fully manifest is like rudder and sail: once you’ve got it, you can go anywhere in the open seas.

You’re not a fucking robot.
You’re not a web app.
You aren’t an intake funnel.

You’re a living, breathing generator of manifest reality. You have ideas that become products and business ventures. You have notions that become deeply needed services.

The greats didn’t get there by following a rubric, but someone created that strategy to try and copy their footsteps. If all you want is cash, feel free to follow the crowd. But the greats achieved what they did because their hearts and souls had a mission. And they followed their own compass to get there.

Society wants you to follow the rubrics because it’s predictable. You’ll probably get some cash along the way but you’ll be exactly where the system needs you. But you’ve already done that, haven’t you?

I want you to follow your gut into a world rich with detail. To orient to what you know in your fucking bones to be your own path. I want you to have all of your systems online, and all of your freedoms maxed. I want you to be who you ARE, not who the strategy says you can be in seven easy steps.

But it’s not about what I want, it’s about you.
So what will it be?

Along for the ride, or individuated and self authorizing?

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