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I stood at this desk to write.

I’ve done it every morning for over a week now. Whatever comes to the top. Whatever feels most pertinent,

And fits the strategy. Of course.

But we finished the emergent blogs a bit ago. And it seems people are afraid to click on links these days. Or maybe the FB gods don’t even show them to you. Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable liking or commenting. But no matter, I love to write and there is always something.

But today I thought, ‘Which character needs more story?’

And a voice in my mind said, in humor, ‘Yours.’

Even in the stillness there’s still a part of me that has a sense of humor. This was always the case but even more so since the really big Silence. Yet, even if the thought came with a jest and a smile, it landed solidly in the ‘maybe so’ camp.

Only I’m tired of writing about myself.

I’ve got a million stories to tell but they’re more fun in person, especially when they’re relevant. They’re interesting but old news. And it seems to be a very common trend in the internet world these days to spin the old stories over and over, expecting gold to pour out.

I’d rather be living new stories, not writing about old ones.

Or better yet, telling new stories about other people. People doing interesting and powerful things. People changing the world. Clients with big visions coming true. Out in the world putting their strengths to work.

Reminds me of a new friend. Matt Kreinheder.

He just launched a new book, which I’ve ordered despite tight budget. Why?

Because he’s a compelling human, with a strong gift, following his heart, talking about something important. Something I’ve spent a massive part of my life swimming through. Flying through. Perfecting. Failing. Perfecting again. It’s a process, being a mystic in a society that doesn’t know what to do with mystics.

You should/could check him out and consider the book.

But we Mystics, we’re a funny breed.

Maybe by necessity of a changing time, maybe it’s a part of the archetype.

We hide lessons of how magic works in meditation guides and self growth talks.

We connect the mysticism to science to make others feel comfortable, and ultimately to make ourselves more comfortable. It’s tricky when everyone wants bonafide proof.

Luck? No. Probability.

Timing? No. Coincidence.

Manifestation? Shhh, hard work.

What makes me laugh every time is every successful person standing at the top of a mountain they set out to climb, admitting that there was a fair bit of guess and gamble, trust and flow, and a number of occasions where, really, there’s no explanation.

We’ve got important people. Famous people. Well respected people… coming out of the wood work with stories of trust and persistence manifesting what they wanted. Stories of breaking all of the “how it’s done” rules and coming out better than the proven strategies even predicted.

Notions of a world where science isn’t the only force at work,


Told by people we assumed to be entirely analytical and strategic.

Meanwhile, as mysticism gets stamped out of the common conversations, it’s creeping back in where the bouncers aren’t looking to light the club up with vibrancy and ecstasis. Inside most of us is a touch of the stuff that leads the way.

Wherever science goes,

Mysticism went before.


Where science demands evidence and repeatedly tested results,
Mysticism gently asks us to allow trust and intuition to lead.

And somewhere along the lines a lot of people got the silly idea that the two don’t go hand in hand; that they can’t coexist because they’re opposites in a war for the future of humanity.

What a funny game.

Pretending we aren’t all of it. Pretending you are just this lonely curlicue on the edge when you are in fact, as Alan Watts would say, all of it happening right here.

In all my time strategically pressing all of the right buttons I once made somewhere near $8.5k in a month. I worked hard for that cash. Really hard. I followed the strategies, the frames, the rules. And it worked.

Lately that’s not been the case. Something happens when you embrace the deeper parts of yourself: the fluff at the surface gets shuffled and chaotic and the parts that don’t actually fit blow away in the chaos.

It’s been quiet lately. And still.

And so I was reflecting back on where I’d been before, and I realized something. And I did some research.

And a bit of math.

Once upon a time I generated a monthly income from the universe in the range of about $6-7k, multiple months in a row. I had forgotten that because on this recent little stretch of strategy-only, numbers and metrics, follow the frame of the game, I forgot.

This recurring $6k didn’t come in the form of dollars.

It came in the form of probability, coincidence, and happenstance. You know, all that mumbo jumbo nonsense. It came in the form of meals, places to stay, free entries to famous art galleries and VIP tickets to museums. It came in the form of plane tickets, free rides across countries, visits to castles on celebration days with big shows. It came in the form of new friends across the world, new clients, new partners.

To recreate those months using planning, strategy, rules, frames, and all of that “real” stuff, it would have cost me $6-7k.

But it didn’t.

And it didn’t take much work, either.

I didn’t eat poorly, sleep on the streets, or work myself to exhaustion.

Ukraine Blacksmith Festival, Ivano Frankivsk, 2012

I trusted the process, followed my intuition, traveled with a sincere desire to be helpful and support others in whatever they were up to. I went curious and considerate into a new world.

The naysayers with their budget sheets and itemization would say this doesn’t count.

I say it counts as much if not more.

We live in a world that is far more complex than any complicated strategy can pretend to understand. We’re dancing through the stars on a space ship we didn’t even have to build. It was given to us. Why? Just because.

And for the record,

I’m not suggesting strategy, method, systems, and hard work are useless. If anything they are essential. But what I’ve found to be true is that they are not the leaders of the show. They are not shining the way. They are not the thing.

They are the tools we pick up when intuition, trust, and yes, Mysticism, lands us in an experience where it’s time to get to work. Where it’s time to create something. Where it’s time to participate.

Remembering all of that has been a big part of this quiet gap I’m moving through.

Maybe for you as well.

You are all of the things.

Find your strength. Find your passion. Trust the Mysticism.

Go there.

And when you get to the part where there’s work to do, there’s a BIG toolbox waiting.

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