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When we share our stories with others there is a breaking of the rails and the lineage of an individual is amplified with the experiences of others.

With access to the lives of others, we are no longer confined by the specifications of our own life, creativity, choices… we can no draw upon the learnings of those around us.

And we speak in many languages.

Both the obvious ones defined by the evolution of people in particular areas… and the myriad other forms of telling that do not require words.

We who walk the earth share ourselves in such a colorful display of expression. Paint and clay, english and spanish, wood working and performance dance. We share ourselves in fictional stories and actualized accounts. We move that which is the gold nectar of our lives from within to without and it’s in that moving that others can taste and feel and know and learn.

I’ve always taken to words myself.

Something in these keys emboldens me to move energy and emotion. Wings rise from the letters as they form words and whatever it is that I have to give can breathe and dance before you. I pray it enraptures you and enlightens you. That my felt experience can be your realization, giving rise to your own felt experiences and around it goes until all of us are lifted.

I also move story in craft.

The creation of objects with meaning and mystery. With power both imbued and interpreted. I breathe life into scraps of wood and a collection of reclaimed silver bits such that it might empower and inspire at least one person to become something greater and be more themselves. Be more of the self that they desire to be.

I create experience. I tread the edges. I move ritual. I sing ceremony.

I do this because I can’t imagine not.

What would my life be like without the exploration and art, the craft and the writing? Can you imagine your life without all of the pieces that are most you? The things that are yours to manifest? Can you exist here without being yourself? I surely hope not.

I surely hope that you will also embrace the languages of your soul.

Because it is in your embracing of your own soul speech that reflections are created and others can be catalyzed. That their singular track might be kicked into higher dimensionality. That they might find more of their own languages, as you have. As I have. As we all can.

Move the messages of your journey into whatever language most drives you. That which most fulfills you and lights you up. That which you simply can’t imagine not.

There are others watching. Wondering where you’ve been and quite possibly waiting for the kick of your wisdom to set their own life ablaze with their unique song.

Onward, my friends. And let your stories fly.

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