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We hear this one a lot. Sometimes by the folks that legitimately CAN feel ‘it’, and other times by the ones that are projecting hopefully, which sometimes works all the same.

But in my experience it isn’t an inevitable scene change like a book chapter. Only one way to go but on to the next page. The universe doesn’t work that way, because we are the universe in action. We manifest the things we want but when the time comes for them to appear, it’s more like a train that will stop at your station.

You’ve got to step on if you want the goods.

This is where so much of the world loses track of what manifestation really is. Let me clarify: if you manage to foster your manifestation abilities to 100% power, which I have no doubt is possible, you will form worlds in the blink of an eye.

But we didn’t come here to be gods. We were that before. We came here to be humans. And as such, the experience we’re in is riddled with challenges, exactly as we designed it when we were gods. Funny how that works?

This is not some evil trick played upon you.
This is not the workings of an omniscient douchebag.
This is the world we created before we came here.

And by ‘before’ I really mean something that linguistics can’t handle, because outside of ‘this place’ there is no time.

When you design a game you make rules. Everyone knows that there’s nothing that says your top hat has to go around the outside of the monopoly board. There are no walls. But the game has agreements. That’s what makes it a game.

Now you can be here and think of it as a game.
Or you can consider it a great coming of age tale.
You can suppose it to be a test and a hardship.
And you can even create orders of complexity
Around the reasons that you are now in that
Body, reading these words, in this human life.

But at the end of the day you exist.

And due to the nature of subjective reality, nobody gets to decide what that means to you except you. Which if you really think about it is quite freeing.

So the point is:

So long as you’re here, being human, with manifestation powers at or below 99% of full power, the things you manifest for yourself require that you participate to some degree. Instead of waiting for some ethereal man servant to turn the proverbial page of your chapter book and whisk you away into your epic vision board,

Step onto the damn train when it arrives. 
I promise you, it works a lot better.

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