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Something has happened to men.
We’ve lost something.

This isn’t a rant about patriarchy or sacred masculinity.
This is born from years of observing the modern man.
This comes from watching my own self twist, turn, and grow.

Men have lost their primal selves. Their animalistic core.

I’m not talking about rolling in the mud or going on hikes.
I’m not talking about “eagle spirit guide” bypassing.
I’m talking about a man who has been forged…

In the back wild country.
In the cold night air.
Building shelter.

In international space.
In the sea of culture.
Building confidence.

Figuring out who the hell he is, with the wild and the world as mentors.

I’m not talking about personal development. I’m talking about finding your place in the natural order of things.

This is what men have lost, and it shows.
Without it, men try to create power, false or forced,
Instead of having a natural, proven power in the root of who they are.

I’ll tell you, I’ve sat for days alone in the woods.
I’ve walked into the woods with just my clothes, a knife and a few matches, and walked out days later feeling happy, healthy and content. I’ve walked the streets of unforgiving cities with one backpack and no map, free as a bird.

Maybe that’s boastful. Or maybe that’s how it should be. But I’ll tell you what these experiences gave me.

Fucking certainty.
Yes, life throws curve-balls, and I’ve chosen to figure stuff out.
To put that nagging “you can’t get through this” voice aside.
That voice that never made it out of the wilderness.

But I did.

This is the certainty of a man who knows his place on the earth, in the world, in the wild.
More importantly, this is certainty of man who found the wild inside of himself.

This is the certain of a man who wins.

In the boardroom,
In the bedroom,
And where-ever he damn well puts himself to the task.

I want to help you find that in you.

I want you to be a bear in the boardroom.
I want you to be the tall rooted pine when the winds of life are blowing hard.
I want you to be the silence of a misty lake at dawn when your world is in chaos.

You can have this. This is how.


WHAT: 1on1 for 3 days. You and me in the wilderness finding your root in the wild and the wild rooted in you. Body, emotion, mind, and spirit.

WHERE: Central Oregon. Five Pine Lodge and the surrounding wilderness.

WHEN: First two weeks in December or first two weeks in January.

WHO: Men that are determined to be fully present to life, have the means, and are no longer interested in playing small, partial, or out of personal integrity.

I’ve traveled internationally to and through over 450 cities as a nomad;
Logged 11,000 hours in the wilderness building self sufficiency.
I’ve stalked and hunted my own uncomfortable inner edges,
So I can skillfully help others with theirs.

No more hustle and grind. No more spiritual bypassing.
Full integration of all parts.
Embodied self realization in process.
The true art of rewilding.

It’s time. Let’s begin.

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