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At some point, someone you trust will tell you something important and effective. Something that will set the tone for a better path.

But before you take that advice and run like a rock lizard caught in the walking path, just pause.

We’ve all got this thing inside of us that has the keen ability to harvest more information than you can consciously. It’s linked to the part of you that feels the world and perceives the flow of energy. It can correlate all of the layers of what you want, need, feel, see, know, and don’t know. And it will give you a solid sense of your best next steps.

But you have to listen.

It’s this thing called intuition. And it doesn’t speak in words or work through strategy sessions. Those things are fantastic tools. Just don’t get lost there.

I remember when I stopped following my intuition. After many years of phenomenal success I convinced myself that what they were saying was true. That I needed strategies, systems, funnels, plans. Mind you, these aren’t things I didn’t have. I just didn’t rely completely on them. They were the banks to my river when I needed it. But I forgot that, and drank the koolaid.

What a wild ride. And one with some unfortunate effects.

Turning my intuition back on felt like breathing again. And it’s shakey at times. I left it in the dark for a bit too long. Caused a bit of damage. Have some mending to do.

But I won’t make that mistake again.

So if you’re considering running with advice given to you with the best of intentions. Just pause.

Your gut feels will tell you things even you didn’t know.

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