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Some journeys leave you a bit tired,
Not the exhaustion of a good adventure,
But the calm inner peace of well spent time.

You walk in from the edges of what was once the limits of your world and you feel a little lighter, and yet heavy at the same time.

New muscle un-tested.
Old ideas’ empty spaces.
Tension held in the undoing
Leaving you sore, but stronger.

New marks carry what you found out in the new world,
But what was found is internal; regardless of where you
First noticed it was deep within your flesh and your soul.

Some will stick around. 
They’ll see you as you are and that will be that.
Others will vote themselves out. 
Or maybe they already did but it was always
You that held tight 
To the potential you both claimed desirable.

Either way, or any of a thousand stories, no matter.
It’s done now. You’re back where the grass grows
In familiar patterns and the trees move to a wind
You can see in your dreams no matter how far from.
The animals mark the ground with feet that you know;
The people move in a familiar way like the grass you missed.

Old habits will tug at you.
They’ll beg you back with
Seduction, and convince 
You to return to their arms.

But you’re different now. 
Things are different now.
Something is different,
Now, and what specifically
Is far less important than
The fact that it is, in fact,

Did you go on the journey to find the thing you found?
Or did the thing find you on a journey with a seemingly
Alternative purpose, probably less significant -or more
casual- and here you are regardless? Does it matter?

It’s no use. The old doesn’t fit. Even if subtly.

This is your awakening. 
Next, not first, and surely not last.
Do not waste it.

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