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“The insufficiency of amount or supply.”

Seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?
Either you have enough for everyone that wants it or you don’t.

It gets a little bit more complicated, but not much.

Essentially everything is scarce on a large enough scale. Try and extend most anything you’d find on this planet to a million years and it won’t last. There are obvious exceptions.

But for the sake of conversation let’s say that we’re only interested in the present moment and the immediate future. In that case, what’s actually scarce? What actually has a measurable limit?

Let’s make this even more personal.
What in your life is TRULY limited in supply?


We could keep going, but on the scale of YOU a lot of resources can be extended as needed with a little work. However there are a few that are tight. Such that they’re worth considering.

Time, for one;
And Location.

These are, at least for now, your most finite resources.
You can only be at one place in a given time, and you can only be there once. You will never be at 5:47 on August the 11th, 2018, ever again.

Now hold that thought and let’s look at something else.

What do you do in the world?

What’s your passion?
What’s your expertise?
What’s your service?

Essentially, what are you doing to earn money?

Now look, I want to preface this by saying that you should by no means throw away your lively-hood. This is not about self sacrifice. Remember, we don’t do win-lose OR lose-win.

But chances are you have an expertise that you can charge cash for.
And chances are your industry has some element of artificial scarcity.

Said another way: There are probably parts of the market place you work in that are not actually as limited as they’re made out to be. It’s made up because, as per our friend Capitalism, someone realized that if it looked limited it sold better, and anything could be limited if you simply refused to keep selling it.

We’ll get into details later, but for now I want you to consider the fact that your Expertise Based Service is probably limited by time and location, and that you can and should charge enough for this to cover all of your desired income goals.


Consider the notion that anything that is artificially scarce could, in that case, be free.

I know, I know, wild fucking notion.

Giving things away for free when you need to pay your bills makes about as much sense as dollars growing on trees. But check it:

A funny thing happens when you give away your “infinite” resources and focus on serving, for cash, with your expertise.

People. Trust. You.

If you haven’t noticed the fact that nobody trust sales and half of us can see when it’s happening, then you are obviously born rich. Consumer and client awareness is expanding. We’re waking up.

So when you say,
“Hey, I’ve created a thing that I can copy infinitely, and I’ve received the resources needed to produce it directly or via my Expertise Based Service Clients, that I’d like to just give this away. Information and education so that my clients show up better prepared for what I can do.”
They say,
“No way, there’s a catch.”
And you say,
“Nah, bruh, no catch. I’m not even going to collect your information. I’d rather you gave me that because we’re going to do business so I can improve your life.”
And they say,
And you say,
“Listen. Take the thing. Read it. Listen to it. Whatever. Apply it to your life, business, or athletes foot. And if you decide you want my help, except with the athletes foot, lets talk.”

They might still be skeptical but they’ll appreciate you.
And when they open the doc, audio, or video, and realize it’s not a lead in with ony half of the info but in fact a complete packet of useful info, they’ll probably fall in love with you.

And then they’ll realize you are good at what you do because DAMN there’s a lot in here. And then they’ll want your help. And you’ll STILL get business.

Less clients. Higher service. Income covered.

There are obviously some caveats to this, and if you’ve got one throw it in the comments, but we’ll also be digging into how to apply this to different industries.

Bottom line:

If it’s not ACTUALLY scarce,
Join us on the flip side
And share.

I’ll also be holding myself accountable to this model,
So stay tuned for a bunch of (actually) free content.

And if you’ve already bought what I’ve got,
I’ll set you up with a way to realocate that investment.

Here’s to a new way of working together,
And a few table flips while we subvert the broken systems.

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