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Like we talked about yesterday, you came into this reality with a set of tools that when used in right balance will unchain you and create ease.

Soul orients.
Gut chooses.
Heart feels.
Mind thinks.
Body enacts.

When one part must do the work of the others it becomes exhausted and often functions poorly. Approximations and shadows of the others.

When all of these facets work together a crystalline certainty permeates your experience. The cohort of the self in motion; smooth as Samurai.

And yet, there’s not a universal handbook for this.
Only a messy civilization that forgotten it’s roots.

Rewilding yourself is the key to a door you may not have realized was locked, or even existed. But there are some myths to tackle before we continue:
1- “You’ve got to get filthy in the woods to Rewild yourself.”

This is an internal shift of your system, self aligned with true Self, complete with your inspirations, motivations, and ambitions as well as your strengths, stories, and services.

Believe me when I say that the natural world is a phenomenal help in the process, one that I connect to as often as I can, and encourage others to experience. But at the end of the day, Rewilding is between you and your Self. Your Domesticated and your Feral. Your mind and your gut.

Rewilding is not a return to the past so much as a drawing of the foundational self into the actualized.

Going to the wilderness is one way. And there are many ways.

2- “Rewilding involves a lot of chaotic animalistic expression.”

It might. Or it might be a silent process in which your power moves like the moon. Powerful and influential without so much as a whisper in the night.

Remember our talk about intellectual bypassing? If you think that rewilding is messy, muddy, grunting and growling, then you don’t actually know what it means to be wild.

If you sit and watch deer move along trails, scanning for food in the early morning fog there will be none of these things. Even the wolves and coyotes spend most of their time moving with the epitome of grace.

Rewilding is touching on the depths of who we are and integrating them back into this modern human being. It is resurrecting the graceful hunter, silent watcher, and patient steward. It is all of these things, and more.

3- “Rewilding is only effective in group settings with lots of activities.”

If it weren’t for the absolutely stunning diversity of the human race, I’d say this is the opposite of the truth. However, at times it is essential to touch our wilderness in the presence of others doing the work.

However, in my experience it is apparent that the most effective rewilding happens when we are alone with ourselves.

In much of the rewilding work being done, the group becomes a mechanism of comfort in which you can fall back to patterns or put on theatrics to avoid what you set out to do. It is a well placed safety net, yet overdone to the point of being a distraction.

Having a guide to set the scene and create the context of your rebirth is indispensable, but make no mistake: you rewild yourself.
And in the end, you knew this already, didn’t you?

As you read this, something inside of you breathes a sigh of relief because even if the road is winding, it feels right. The notion of a self integrated from root to sky, bones to eyes, all chakras aligned… that is a good notion.

For my part, there’s a calling at the center of everything I do. I’ve wandered off, back, and off again. I’ve explored new outlets, found better vehicles of expression, and connected with others doing real work for the last 11 years.

My writing is an expression of the knowing that I feel in my bones.
My totemic jewelry is a vehicle for the energetic truths others hold.

I explore the world to see more of the duality.
I explore my self to see the non-dual expressed.

I paint, I philosophize, I guide, I teach.

All of this and more flows through me like life in motion at the edge of the forest grove that is my soul. And amidst all of it is a calling that I can’t ignore. It speaks to me like the wild; this is my work to do.

I’ll be re-entering the work of guiding those who choose to step forward. This comes to me as a calling more clear than desire or preference.

But a word of warning:

Rewilding is not for everyone.

Full stack sovereignty is powerful, and it takes hard work. Not because it is difficult, but because there is a path between where you are now, and who you want to be.

This path is for those that cannot deny their felt truth: that something more is calling them forward not from the world of success and material, but from within their own soul.

This path is not for those that are drowning. This is not trauma work, nor is it a bandage. This is one on one real time alignment and optimization.

This path is not for the economically uncertain. Nor will I make any economic promises because rewilding is outside the realm of cash, yet immensely powerful in creating raw clarity.

Show up with your dollars sorted, your business running, and your feet under you.

Lastly, rewilding is a vital step in a long arc. This is for those seeking the integration of all parts. Animal self and spiritual being. Intellect and Empath. Sacred and Profane. As such, we’ll meet in a place with both feral wilderness and comfortable digs. We’ll eat delicious food, or no food at all. We’ll talk for hours and move in silence. Come without expectations for the experience or don’t come at all.

If this speaks to you, and your curiosity is vibrating, make your mark below and I’ll reach out to you.

Here’s to your Rewilding.

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