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You might be looking at me and what I share about deep rewilding and be thinking: shit, I’m not that hardcore.

You might be feeling the call to something deeper, something more profound within you. Looking at what I’m up to and having a mixed bag of impressions that range from “damn, I want that” and “I’m not really sure how to approach Cedric on this one.”

Real talk:

I want you to know that all of this deep survival, solo travel, intensive self realization; all of the things that draw you in but make you pause because you’re wondering if you’ve got the time, the cash, and the guts… that’s not the point, not with me.

Because I realized somewhere in my own process that the real gold in what I do is with the internal game. With the mechanisms under the surface that activate when placed in an paradigm shifting experience. It’s after all is said and done, your work in the civilized world is paying off, and you can feel where your foundation needs refinement.

For me, this experience includes the cozy cabin with the nice dinner. It includes the fireside chats. It includes the easy wilderness walks. It includes coffee shop rendezvous with trusted advisors.

And it can include the deep unraveling of your civilized self such that the primal core sets free and all systems come on line to be integrated. It can include a breaking of the frame while we construct something greater.

But it isn’t about starting fires with a broken mirror and some twine, 15 miles from civilization, while the sun is setting and you know it might snow in the night.

It’s about what comes forth from an internal process when the external conditions are encouraging.

My hope has always ever been that in the facilitated rewilding I can give you access to the part of you that isn’t worried. The part of you that is calm under pressure and unshaken by the bumpy road. The part of you that resolutely looks at the world and finds a way.

And that part of you may need six hours in the woods.
That part of you may need to stalk buck deer at dusk,
Knowing that there are mountain lions slinking about.

Or that part of you may just need permission.

That piece of you that is ready and able to hold space for the rest along with anything that comes your way may just need two days of something entirely different, away from the hustle and the success you already know, directly engaged with someone who isn’t expecting anything of you except the most authentic, the most raw, the most activated.

There is no part of me that expects you to hunt your own dinner to prove you can hang. In fact, if you are trying to prove you can hang you’re already going the wrong direction.

What I expect of you is commitment to your self mastery.
I expect you to trust yourself and the path you’re on.
I expect your willingness to move out of your comfort zone.

I expect you to embrace the rewilding of your deepest self so that all of your refined mastery on top is unshakable.

That might mean we drink tea in the woods because your life is city bound and that’s the pattern interrupt that sets you free.

Or it might mean putting your phone on silent and trusting that the six or seven figure income you’ve got rolling is sorted, and you owe it to yourself and your business to stop micromanaging for a minute.

There’s a version of someone’s rewilding that involves fireside patio cigar smoking as the snow falls quietly around us and we’re one step away from a fine dinner at the lodge.

Or it might mean whatever it means to you.

I work with people who are on the precipice of pivotal self realization because I’ve been there, and I’ll be there again, and I know that it doesn’t have to be a hardship, and they don’t have to do it alone.

I work with people who have “made it” and suddenly they know where their personal work is or they’re ready to exemplify something powerful to the world.

Whether we’re working in totemic jewelry, consulting calls, or one on one immersion experiences, there’s an access point waiting to be opened.

From the wild I return with something of an epiphany that might look like “everyone needs to go out and do this” but here’s the truth:

What happens inside when you settle into your seat of power is the most profound gold. And it’s my hope and mission to help you get there.

Nothing more expected,
Everything up for grabs.

Here’s to your rewilding. 

Photo by Summer Athena Fae

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