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Competition got us far and pushed innovation to epic results, but we’re past that now. We’re looking at a world largely obsessed with iteration instead of innovation. People looking to redefine small features, produce a new product, and get paid.

Can’t really blame anyone for that.
It was likely inevitable.
But we can choose what’s next.

Cohesion is working together. It’s connecting with an objective of win-win.
It’s the understanding that continuing the same, expecting new results will rarely pan out.

Competition got us here.
Wherever here is.
And the best next place to go
Is an all-hands-on-deck
Move to find synergy
And clean up the leaks.

Same space-rock, friends.
A leak in the system anywhere
Is a leak in the system everywhere.

My mind moves to a Totem from a bit back that contains a useful concept for beginning this process with the people you see every day, or once in a lifetime.

The Totem of the Three Gates.


Cohesion is driven by empathy.
Empathy is created with connection.
Connection grows with clear communication.

We are constantly communicating.
When you communicate with others you pass through layers.

These are layers of perception, subjectivity, and culture;
These are layers of emotion, mindset, and current state;
These layers are all of the ways you experience the world.

But check it out: Once the message crosses the line between you and the person you want to connect with, It’s not about YOU. It’s about what you hand them from your side of the relationship.

In order to connect well,
You must pass through Three Gates.

First, the Gate of “What they think you communicated”.
For the most part, in our daily lives, we operate almost entirely at the First Gate. A space where surface interpretation is enough. And mostly it is. In this space everything is interpreted by what it means to US. We listen as if talking to ourselves.

But if you want that cohesion, you have to keep going.

Second, the Gate of “What they think you meant”.
This requires a higher quality hand-off. One that contains the idea you want to share AND an energy that invites them in. A level of presence on your part that they can feel. Word choice that makes them want to know.

They need to be given a chance to step out of auto-pilot.
Then they’re ready for more.

Third, the Gate of “What you actually communicated”.


At this Gate the being that is you has handed an idea to the being that is them. Past the assumptions and emotions, past the triggers and patterns, past the avatar and to the soul.

They are now connecting to your actual message.
They are now connecting to your desired offering.
They are now connecting to YOU.

Connection. Empathy. Cohesion.

You can leave it to chance and good vibes.
You can hand off ownership to this, that, and the weather.
You can do whatever you want with a failure to connect.

Or you can take ownership.
And navigate through these.
And create real bonds.

You may not always get it right.
But you will never know unless you try.

I’ll leave the choice to you.

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