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Winter. The season of transition and turnover. at first glance it is cold, lifeless, and stagnant. But Winter has it’s secrets. Life is hidden under layers of cold and snow. There is an energy and a way of life that the creatures of Winter follow. A flow that lacks the frenzy of spring, and the intense clutter of summer. Deliberate, intentional, and with purpose.

Wolf. A creature of courage, strength, and determination. Adaptable, and yet unapologetically wild. The Wolf hunts, explores, plays, bonds, lives. He represents instinct, intelligence, freedom incarnate, and an awareness of the importance of social connections. Of all connections.

Winter Wolf represents the synergy of these two concepts. Deliberate presence. Wild instinct. Intentional flow. Purposeful awareness of connections. These are some of my most prized concepts; and greatest understandings about life and the human condition.

This conceptual map guides me in  my service to others and to myself. It is the framework by which I present myself to the world. Deeply devoted to practicing growth. An extension of who I am as a bridge between the wilderness and the world of humanity.


Sunset Lake

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