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Welcome to my virtual Cabin,

I’m Cedric Winter Wolf.

Say “Kedrik”.

I’m deeply fascinated by the human condition.

Optimization gets me excited, be it self or project.

There is beauty in strategic simplicity, and power in complex antifragility.

The connections between those excites me.

This is the way of the Metaphyst; merger of worlds.

We live in a universe that naturally develops sustainable, efficient systems. 
Human designs driven by this inclination are BEAUTIFUL.

I write words from time to time. Notions put to the page with hopes of usefulness to other people walking their path. There’s something seductive about transferring a concept that is beyond language from one person to another.

I also love to Explore.

Ideas and experiences. The essence of the universe. The wilderness and the wild human spaces.

Topics of Interest include…

Human optimization. BIohacking. Integration of mystical traditions with modern science. Transition Systems. Wilderness immersion. Neuroplasticity. Event planning and optimization. Energy field control and projection.

Totemic mythography. Quantum physics. Efficiency. Spiral Dynamics. Internal and external Awareness. Intuition and flow states. Psychadelics as tools. Aleister Crowley. The feeling you get at night, sun just set, standing hilltop over a city with a good cigar and not a soul around. HP Lovecraft.

Metallurgy and alloying. Eco-conscious community dynamics. Permaculture. Shaolin kung fu. Aikido. Medieval combat. Biophilic architecture. Social dynamics and tribal systems. The smell of high desert sage on a sunny winter day. John Dee.

The way that coyotes move through high country terrain. Non-verbal communication with significant others. Omnivore nutrition, vegan oriented eating, and ethical ecosystem participation. Gamma dynamics. Delta Waves. Nootropics. 

Esoteric mysticism. The sound of thunder storms moving over foothills in high-desert climates.

I’m nomadic, but I home base in San Diego, California with my partner Summer Fae.
And my heart still longs for Central Oregon, where I host any intensive private clients.

I’m a Metaphyst. One who seeks to understand the ways in which all things are connected.
I’m a consultant. Working with amazing people on Self Realization and Project Optimization.
I’m a Guide. In all ways I explore the fringes, bringing back what I learn for others to use.

I’m a Traveler. An Alchemist. An Explorer. I’m an Influencer, and a Soultracker.
And at the end of the day, I’m a Human Being.

I am the Universe, Being right here.

Take a look around and reach out if you find something that tickles your fancy.

Oh, and if you’re looking for custom Totemic Jewelry…

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