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How do you navigate situations where you’re experience and expertise is at odds with the logical world?

First step: don’t panic. 
Second step: Keep stepping.

There’s a considerable amount of intuition that needs to come into play here as well, but calling that a step would be like writing “take a breath” in an instruction manual.

Please don’t forget to breathe.

Some of us move through the world differently than hundreds of years of intellectualized culture says we should. It can be deeply uncomfortable. it can be exhilarating. Mostly it just means returning to the roots of yourself in each process. Often it means breathing through feedback from folks who have chosen another path.

We’re composite creatures. Modern archetype psychology has an inclination to suggest we’re all a lot of characters functioning in one body. But Jung and even Watts have been suggesting for some time that we are each made up of various layers of “self” transposed upon each other like the conductor’s copy of an orchestra piece.

Emotional. Mental. Physical. Energetic.
Egoic. Interpersonal. Super-personal.

Mechanisms of neuroplasticity, empathic sense, and deductive reasoning swimming in the pools of our awareness like coy fish in Houdini’s dark pond.

We are our higher selves talking to our fundamental entity as interpreted by this strangely limited waking awareness. Strangely limited considering how much is available for us to access. Strangely limited in the sense that the bandwidth of the logical systems simply can’t process all of what’s happening. There are other capable power centers waiting to participate.

I burn this Icelandic stave into another sacred tool.

This one is a box, made of poplar, and it’s aesthetic is rough because it wanted to be. The obsessive compulsiveness in me must step aside as materials speak of what they prefer.

I’ve been studying and using Icelandic staves in my life for years now, but I think this is the first that I’ve used as-is from the historical context. I put the time in to learn as much as I could about this esoteric language and usually compose unique staves. But when the energy speaks there’s not much worth doing but follow.

Sound strange?

How does it feel in your emotional body?
What does your energy do when you read this?
Can you allow for the rest of you to participate?

Is Cedric delusional?
Is he in la-la land?
Is this witchcraft?
Is Cedric a shaman?
Is he channeling?
Is that the truth?

Or maybe he’s been somewhere and experienced something and this is the transference of ideas and essences that he can offer?

Ok, that last question was from me. But I’ve heard the others before. I am sure that most people do when stepping out on the edge into the distant memories of our species or the future evolutions of the world outside of western logic.

You probably have something of your own. Some “superstition” or quirky belief that you hold dear. It always lines up but you feel odd talking about it. In some ways it feels as if exposing it to the harsh light of critical minds would destroy the connection, so you keep it hidden.

What if you didn’t?

What if you connected the layers of your self and got really honest about what you feel, experience, and know? Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you just admitted that knowing was only a piece of the puzzle?

To be sure, I am not advocating for delusion.
Please don’t bypass your truth for fantasy.
Please don’t walk away from one tool,
In favor of the newer and easier.

But maybe it’s time to admit that we tied the reins too tight. Motion is bound and limited under the binding scrutiny of a world that has forgotten where it came from. And the harsher it gets, the more we hide; the more that is lost.

I’ve sacrificed a lot in my life in favor of honesty.

Moved through time and space knowing that if I could just play along I’d get more from the world. That there are formulas that push the right buttons to rattle gold coins into the tray before me.

But I’ve also found myself in logically impossible experiences because I followed something inside of me that ideas don’t know how to see. I want more of that. More balance. More harmony. More ease and flow. More of myself integrated into the path before me.

I imagine you want that, too.

I feel that we’re all looking for a bit more of ourselves to be held and honored so we can heal from the hardships of walking between the lines, while our wings restlessly rustle on our backs.

And when we realize we don’t even need wings to fly?

Oh how we’ll soar.

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