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They have no attachment to time. 
No projection of obligated schedule. 
They simply know I will always return.

These things are not mutually exclusive. 
They are absolutely connected and essential. 
This is the nature of my tribe. My family.

We love each other without prerequisites. We offer full, unequivocal respect with no justification. We abide in deep trust; a container that has no boundary. Time is inconsequential. That is how my tribe works.

I look at others who expect these things and I wonder.

It’s such a mystery to me that a person could choose to be attached by affiliation to others that do not honor their full self. I meet them, see them, and spend time with them. But this is not my tribe and I can’t bare to imagine the energetic effect that must have.

In truth, I’ve been there. I have for brief and rare occasions aligned myself with others -beautiful and amazing people- that simply could not comprehend the way my tribe lives. These wonderful people trapped in an assumption.

Don’t speak to me of compromise. My tribe does not compromise. When something needs to be done, met, or accomplished, it is not a matter of bending out of self to make a concession. It is intrinsic to us that if it must get done, it will get done. If it is deeply desired, there is not even a need to ask.

As well, in truth, it is lonely at times.

My tribe swells and shrinks as if by some unspoken seasons. Outside of calendar, outside of astrology, outside of all other man-devised measurements. I am not always sure what causes these shifts. Except that surrounded by people that do not understand us, the pressure of conformity is strong. It weighs on shoulders and seeps between any exposed cracks in unkempt armour. The world does not seem to value what we value. And so we lose some.

But we are stronger. We are willful. We are together.

So at the shrinking I move inward. I maintain my own company and council. I practice, study, and train. I become more of what I am, to a greater degree and with more ease. So that when my Tribe returns, I will be a more capable ally.

My tribe expects nothing less.

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