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When we enter the process of rewilding to find your primal alignment and activate all of the systems that have been sleeping, we’re starting a journey towards your maximized sovereignty.

We’re starting the work of setting you free.

One of the layers that often gets overlooked is location. More specifically, physical position. And this is crucial because giving yourself the freedom to be wherever you want to be opens a lot of doors.

Usually when we talk about this it’s the lifestyle-branded world-travel photos that come to mind. Laptop and margaritas on the beach, work from anywhere.

You can do that if you want. Working on the beach is pretty terrible, but you can choose whatever you want.

However there is more to location freedom than just globe trotting, and it ranges across the full size spectrum. Picturesque beaches is the macro level, but what about the others?

It’s easy to overlook, but do you get to choose where you work? Where you live? Do you get to decide what building you sit in or how your office is arranged? How close your bedroom is to your work space?

Another layer down and it becomes a question of your body.

Do you get to decide if you sit or stand? Where in the room and how long you stay there? Do you get to relocate yourself as needed to optimally perform?

Location Freedom is about putting yourself where you feel best, live best, and work best, from the minute to the global. From the position you sit in to the places in the world you can choose to go.

So often I see people overlooking huge portions of this freedom. They don’t even consider where they’d actually like to be in the house, and dismiss the possibility of being in foreign countries for more than a quick visit.

Who taught you to box yourself in?
Who taught you to sit where told?
Who taught you to give up choice?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter how you got these notions of cage and chain, it matters what you plan to do now that you are aware that they exist.

The potential that you wield when you take full authority over where you place yourself is the untapped power of the fully aligned man. It’s the edge you didn’t know you had because instead of pushing through the discomfort you get to create the conditions of your success and pleasure. You get to define the vehicle of travel, and that feels pretty damn good.

Consider this your invitation to choose “where”.

And I’d love to hear what you find.

If this feels like gold and you’re not sure where to start, send me a message and we’ll redefine the boundaries of your self authorization.

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