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If you’re like most people, you probably think that you stop at your skin. End of the line. Self this way, the rest of the world over there. That this boundary line divides you from the rest of the world. Concrete and steadfast. No question.

But the truth of it is, you don’t stop anywhere.

The air you breathe has been breathed before.
The light you see has bounced off of others.
The scents are particles of what you smell.

You shed your cells, regrow hair, and ingest nearly everything in your environment. Someway or another, it all moves through you.

The basic building blocks of your body were once in dinosaurs. Carbon. Iron. Hydrogen. And the electrons of “your” outermost layer swap places willingly with electrons in whatever gets close enough.

You’ve go electrons in you that have been around the galaxy.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The way you act permeates through eternity by the people you effect and how they go forward from that contact. What you do creates ripples in the fabric of social space. Echos through eternity.

The way you think changes your interpretations and actions and moves you through space in a unique way.

Our relationships, like the third person in the room where we only thought there were two, define the fabric of society from the ground up. We make the world by how we treat each other.

Family is created with individuals.
Community is built with families.
Couples become uniquely identified together.

Electromagnetic waves permeate us and if I dare go esoteric, there are about 20 sub planes moving through your body as we speak.

You think your separate but everything about you effects and depends on everything else. You are the shining gem reaching out through the layers of reality like the rings on this totem, as others reach in. Can you see it? Are you able to admit that individuality is a useful and appealing visual, albeit inaccurate at best?

I used to be one of those. Solo mode. To some degree I still am. I conduct myself as a bit of an introvert and I prefer sparse company over raging parties. But every moment of every day I am keenly aware of the interdependency of everything to everything. Of the webs I weave and walk through. Of the fact that I am never really alone. It might night be a matter of life or death but nothing moves without creating some effect, however small.

It’s easy to pretend otherwise. the mind carries remnants of a survivalist instinct expressed through ego and clever wording. But at the end of the day these are notions of a limited understanding. And the truth is we are all in it together, full stack, from bones and rocks to spirits and ideas. From air to ethereal.

The degree to which you play nice is the degree to which the rest of yourself likes your company.

So let those feelers out, and be gentle with the ones coming in.

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