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I want to talk about something that will be difficult for some folks to grasp, and impossible for others. But you’re going to get this one. I’m sure of it.

Forward motion beyond and out
Of this dying system will require you to

You heard me right.

Your objective is to reject any notion of winning while ALSO developing the strength and durability to not lose either.

Third time.

Make sure you do well without impeding others from doing well.

The world as you know it is built on the motives of competition.
The notion that hierarchy is natural and required in the world.
The idea that we can’t possibly have enough for everyone.

So much so that most industries fabricate scarcity, prioritize market control, and measure almost entirely by financial metrics.

Just a minute: Let’s be fair,
That competition drove innovation for a long time, and we owe a lot of our current comfort and tech to a natural human tendency to be “better”.

I am not debating the history of human evolution.
Nor am I suggesting there wasn’t a better road.

But the next phase will require a conscious and willing change. We have to CHOOSE to be better. Not than each other, but than our previous selves.

We’re facing some big challenges.

Forks in the road that will determine more than just your dividends. These forks determine whether we thrive or expire as a species. And make no mistake, the natural universe isn’t worried about either option.

We must choose for ourselves.

This notion of No Lose No Win is our exit onto a sustainable road. One that winds its way towards a future we can be a part of, Instead of extinct.

But we’re in this together.

The cutthroat business execs are also with us.
The scam artists and the tricksters are also with us.
The well intentioned hippies not ready to work are with us.
The poor family on welfare are in this with us.
The ones you can’t stand are with us.

Every person,
Lazy or determined, rich or poor, clever or creative;
Every human,
Color or white, male or female, and every other label;
Every business,
Ethical or not, eco or chemical, physical or digital…

It’s all in there. All of it.
There are no exceptions.
There are no life rafts.
This boat is fully contained.

Forward requires that you do not win, and do not lose.
And here’s why:

We are in a system that is not sustainable and will only destroy us. So we must change. But win and lose are how we got HERE. So we have to leave this system entirely. We cannot BEAT the others. That is the game we’ve played already. We cannot aim to WIN.

Yet on the other hand, we cannot allow ourselves to lose. To “lose” in this moment of change is to let the OLD system consume us. It is falling back into the thing we want to escape. To lose is still participation. For the sake of this species, and most other species on this planet, we must not lose.

Now if you’re thinking this is a paradox, then you haven’t shifted your thoughts yet. You’re thinking through this from the old paradigm. I’m asking you to consider a new one.

Your mission is simple:

Be strong enough that you cannot be beat,
Make choices that don’t beat others.

Be tenacious enough to always find a way,
Take steps that let others choose theirs.

Be sovereign in the way that you live,
Honor sovereignty in others.

Be clear in your decision to neither Win nor Lose,
Encourage others to neither Win nor Lose.

And a funny thing happens when you take this mission on as your own: for “them” to do it better than you, which their Win-Lose mindset will encourage, they will have to adopt the same mission.

And then they are playing a new game,
Just like you have chosen to do,
And all of the world becomes “Us”.

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