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I woke up today feeling powerful.

Really fucking powerful.

Fully body shivers of ecstasis and the mental hum of knowing my energy field crackles with something like alignment and providence.

The mystic in me knows but can’t articulate.
The scientist in me can articulate but doesn’t know.
It’s an amusing conversation.
But they always agree at the end.
They always synthesize into one answer.

The gap isn’t closed but I’m on the edge of it. Studying strategies to see what strikes my intuition. Meditating more to keep myself centered. Been to the dry sauna three times this week.

That place basically keeps me sane.

And I’m smiling.

It’s interesting to see the strategists talking about feelings,
And the feelers talking about some sort of strategy.

For a long time I’ve stood in the middle watching some folks vehemently deny any sort of mystical nature to the universe. Empathy was an explainable chemical phenomenon. It’s all probability and luck, happenstance. The old stories were just stories.

Meanwhile the witches and energy workers have notoriously been so far into the spiritual realm of astral and ephemeral, of metaphysical and energetic, that they can’t tell their ass end from a tea kettle. The mystical world has been the only world worth anything.

Now I’m standing here, where I’ve always been as far as this division is concerned, listening to the strategists talk about how things feel odd and that something is coming. That they can get more done if they just block time and follow their gut.

And I’ve got mystics opening their eyes to the fact that they do actually live in a physical world that has some framework laws and a bit of strategy at the right time will go a long. Fucking. Way. And that, you guessed it, something is coming.


Something is here.
That something is you.
You were always the one.
It was always yours to move.
The universe needs you as agency
Incarnated into human form and given
The tools you need to create this
In whatever image you want
While everyone else does
And together we form
A shared reality
That we call

You’re the activation layer of this amazing place.
Where else do you see
Intellect, intuition, locomotion,
Agency, Autonomy, civilization,
Creativity, Empathy, Emotion…
All in one creature at one time exactly within arms reach?

But, to be fair, I mean that literally as well.
Some big change isn’t coming. It’s here.
Something is shifting, shifted, ready.

It’s in the air and the economics.
It’s in the time and the sunrise.
It’s in the thoughts and feelings.

I’m standing at an interesting intersection between people who are all woo woo, and others that are pure science. Religious, spiritual, and atheist. I’ve got 8-Figure earners and people with no economic power whatsoever as friends.

And we’re all feeling it.

Is the skeptical side of you alarming?
Is the hopeful side of you smiling?

This is the way of it. All hands on deck. You’ve got a bunch of tools.

Silencing one because it doesn’t fit the part of your world-view that feels safe is a joke. And it’s an insult. Both to yourself and to the organismic entity that you are being right now.

The scene in Fight Club where Pitt slaps Norton across the face flashes in my mind.

“This is the greatest moment of your life and you’re out missing it!”

I feel like I did a bit of that myself lately.
Spun up and strung out by the strategist’s
Economic 67 step plan to getting “Prospects”
To get into your “funnel” and schedule
“Intake calls” so that you can “On-board” them.

Where’s the heart in that?

“Ah, oh, ah, but we’re doing it for their good!
We’re doing a service that will help them.”

Is that why they’re still chasing you around social media, not getting sustainable results, paying whatever the price is, and it just so happens the net total of your sales objective is the same as your currently-owed taxes?

Give me a break.
Give them a break.
Give yourself a break.

Or maybe you’ve vehemently avoided anything even remotely resembling that. And you’ve got zero dollars and a lot of spells to cast.

Both and.
Both and.
Both and.
Both and.
Both and.
Both and.
Both and.

“If the East destroys the west, we all die because we’re on one singular space ship.”

Paraphrased from Bucky Fuller but you get the point.
All hands on deck, all layers of humanity needed
Everything you’ve got is relevant and has a place
But not every thing has a place every time.

At any given moment there is a simplest, most direct tool for the job.

It might be mystical.
It might be strategic.
It might be scientific.

It might be something you haven’t learned yet and lucky you we’re on the same team so someone else probably has it and can do it with or for you while you study up and get to work on learning something new.

What a glorious world we live in.
What an amazing time we have.
What a brilliantly set game board.

Everything we need, Everything you need, is right fucking here.
Unprecedented in the history of human kind, it’s all right here.

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