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Tap into the difference and you’ll feel like you have super powers.

Let’s paint the picture of where intellectual approximation is born, because you’ll run yourself into corners over and over again if you don’t recognize it happening. And then you’ll create projects, make choices, and build a life that’s not actually grounded in who you are. Soul level who, not elevator pitch.

The mind thinks. That’s what it does. It thinks and solves problems. Cracks puzzles. It’s both the vehicle of and storage place for ideas. It’s also the generator of stories. The kind we tell others and the kind we tell ourselves. But it has a few pitfalls.

The mind is also the primary center through which self awareness flows. Our consciousness becomes apparent in the mind because this is where all of the sensory data arrives to be sorted and organized. But notice that the key here is “sensory data arrives”. It doesn’t originate in the mind. The realness of your life exists in your heart, your body, your feelings; it exists in the time you move through and the ground you walk on.

And this is where it gets tricky.

The mind is also connected to the ego. The center of identity and self preservation. It’s so connected in fact that the mind often thinks it IS the ego.

So now we have a thing that is connected to our sense of self and follows the order of self preservation. It interprets the data coming in and thus creates the stories we tell ourselves.

In a healthy mind this is done in balance with the rest of the self.

Heart feels.
Gut chooses.
Soul orients.
Body enacts.

But when the mind convinces itself that it is the others, or at the very least can do what they do, asymmetry develops. left unchecked, the mind tells stories about how well it can do everything else and defends this notion through approximated feelings and sensations. You will actually believe that you are feeling or sensing as the mind thinks itself into power.

Said simply: the mind has a funny way of thinking it can do everything and fucking up your world.


Because the mind can’t handle social interaction, only strategy.
Because the mind can’t make complex choices, only simple.
Because the mind can’t feel energy or emotion, only estimate.

Just as a well oiled business take a strong cohort of sovereign individuals, you will realize the benefits when all parts are well balanced and strong.

If you’re feeling a little uncomfortable right now it might help to know that this is frighteningly common. And it also may be motivating to feel a bit of discomfort.

So I’ll leave you with some things to contemplate.

What is your experience of your thinking mind?
What is your experience of your feeling heart?
What is your experience of your sensing gut?

What would your life be like with these working in harmony?
What would it be worth to reconnect, rewild, and recenter?

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