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This is to say that if you’re thinking about the choice, you have already gone off course.

We’ve hit this one few times, so I’ll be brief, but gut intuition is so vital that I can’t emphasize it enough. So vital in fact that in terms of decision making, if you had to pick between intuition, strategic thinking, and following the rules, I’d hope you pick intuition every time.

Notice that I didn’t say “no matter what”. Every tool has a place. But choice making and decisions is where Intuition is King.

I know this because what it does to the path of my life.

In chapters where I’ve been in right alignment with my intuition, the experience boggles my mind.

You probably know that I’ve done a bit of traveling. Seven years a nomad and I covered some serious global ground. But I notice that people often assume boat loads of cash were involved. Yet in the first few years of traveling I went to over 26 countries, hundreds of cities, and met thousands of amazing people on a yearly average of about $15,000.

At the worst I stayed in nice hostels. Yet most of the time was spent with gifted VIP passes, staying with friends in their epic homes, and showing up at the perfect time. And every person that contributed to my adventure loved having me. There’s probably a bit of magic involved there, but none of it could have landed in reality without crystal clear intuition. Tuning in to the subtle intricacies of the moment to find the golden path.

And the inverse is true.

In chapters where I’ve tried to puzzle-solve my way forward, thinking, asking advice, looking for rubrics and how-to courses… not a pretty sight. To be sure, that stuff works. The entire world of hustle-grind entrepreneur culture thrives on it. But at best you get to a point where you realize you’ve hit the ceiling, and all the big fish will say so. And at worse? I’ve racked up debt, cornered myself into tricky situations, and burnt precious time and energy on plans that didn’t actually line up.

So here’s the deal:

You can’t get by with only intuition,
But you surely can’t get far without it.

You can’t get by with only intellect,
But use it well and the road gets easier.

You can’t navigate with heart alone,
But without it you’ll lose your way.

You’ll find the upper limits of domestication,
And going fully feral is just escapism,
But find that sweet spot of wild?

The sky isn’t even the limit once you dial in balance of all parts.

Kings and Queens of the universe, my friends, what are you waiting for?

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