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…probably a robin or something equally prolific. It was darting past the window behind me, reflected in the mirror as I splashed water on my face to start the day. The water felt cool but somehow not as fulfilling as I had expected. Hallow maybe, or just not cold enough.

Light danced in the corners of my vision and I glanced back to see forests where the window was and Clark’s nutcrackers instead of robins. They’re harvesting seeds from the juniper trees and the Ponderosa cones; hiding them from each other but forgetting their own stashes. The trees aren’t complaining about the free service.

I think I’m dreaming.

But the dream is sweet and I miss these trees. I wander over to the ridge and down through the valley to the other side. One of my Sentinels stands there. She’s tall and old, many hundreds of years, and covered in a green lichen. As I step over a fallen log the wind whistles in the tree tops and I look up. The rooftops of the Vasa museum stood at the edge of the woods and it suddenly felt cold.

Now we’re in Stockholm, Sweden?

Before I can ground myself and pick a direction something blurs the view. But it’s not my eyes that are obscured so much as my focus. I’m aware of something. A tickle in my nose. A sneeze.

I pressed my face into the pillow and it hit me so as to not wake my partner. And now I’m awake…
The dream world drifts between time and place, pace, and tense. It’s slippery on a number of levels but the most obvious is that in that space there are no physical artifacts to ground us. Intention is law and attention is king. Therefore the world can shift in an instant.

But what really interests me is the outer dream. The one we’re in right now.

Experience is nine tenths perception; a thing that is almost entirely dictated by expectation. And if you track it well enough you’ll realize that your actual life shifts with nearly the same ephemeral quality as your sleeping dreams. Good day, bad day, same day over and over. What you bring to the table changes the game.

Maybe the Buddhists had it right: release aversion and attachment. The world will move as it actually does and can if we stop holding it to some ideal in the periphery of our mind’s eye. Drop the rules we make up for ourselves and the game gets good because it becomes evident that we create our experience.

How can you possibly be mad at anything when you undeniably accept that you do it to yourself? All of it.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I still forget at times.

But it’s a knowing that can’t be undone and I remember as quickly as I forgot. I’ll feel the corner of my mouth lift into a grin as I come to the realization that I am, indeed, fucking with myself.

Which begs the question: If we create our experience through expectation and perception, then why don’t we just create exactly what we want?


There’s a bit more to it, of course.

Intention. Attention.
Expectation. Perception.
Focus. Willpower. Energy.
Clarity. Objective. Objectivity.

And of course a good dose of Intuition and about as much Trust as you can possible muster while keeping steady to the belief that it’s possible.

All of this stacks, mind you, and before you know it you’ll be reaping parallel returns across the board as you sharpen each tool.

I’m not saying you’ll be casting spells and bending reality by lunch tomorrow, but I will say this: you are your own and only limiter.

I’ve watched people complete change their entire life in a moment. Complete with new friends, higher paychecks, and better personalities.

And I’ve watched people struggle for lifetimes packed into years and not get any of this. The point lost because they outsourced the authority of their lives to the rules, to “the” truth, and to other people.

Hell, I’ve done a bit of that myself from time to time. 
We’re all on the journey. From dust to gods and back again.

I’m not suggesting you skip it.

Just exploring the possibility of enjoying the dream.✨🙏

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