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I cut my teeth on days
When the challenge rises
And all there is to do is rise in return.
Rally cry of the driven; self motivated;
And so it is, and Onward.

Did you want a respite from the toil?
A break from the calling of better?
I do, too, sometimes.
But more often the stubbornness rises
In my blood and my bones

With a knowing that speaks in me,
Sends waves of ambition through muscles,
Drives me, onward, regardless
Of the hassle and the fatigue.
And the voice speaks of reality.

Of truth.

-There is nothing but the continuation of something until mortal exit.-

Do you trust that? Do you feel it?

Or do you want to roll over and give up? Find some easeful end to the process of existence where you can hide from what you are called to be in the world and the Doing that will manifest from there?

I hope you’re willing to step again.
I hope you’re willing to give it another go.
I hope you’ll join me on the path.

I want to see you here beside me giving your all to something much bigger than the restless exhaustion that tugs at you when direction is unclear and progress seems halted. I want to feel you striving for better. More refined. More capable.

Eloquent and enduring, we don’t sit down, nor do we throw tantrums at what simply Is.

They say the mark of a determined man is when, despite sickness or confusion, he still cleans his face and puts on presentable clothes. I say that man has transcended old notions of stiff upper lips and silent pain when he can respond, clean and presentable, to a question of ‘How are you?’ with an honest truth,

“Today is harder. But I am determined. I have work to do in the world. And so it is.”

What does it mean to be present and accounted for?
Accountable to your mission and persistently moving?
Moving with clarity even when the path is obscure?
Obscured by nothing except your own confusion?
Yet owning that confusion is temporary
When all of your selves are on
And the foundations
Are solid.

Some days will be harder. You might not make yourself as presentable, or go out into the world to be seen. You may feel better with distractions. Sitting quietly where you can rest. You may feel guilty for taking that time.

But at the depths is something stronger.

Something that rises up once rest is done, to continue onward.

That’s the fire I want to light and set aflame in you, hell or high water, rain or sunshine, burning regardless of hardship. That’s the heat of a well tended core. And I can give you sparks. Endless sparks.

But you are the one to take them home.
And oh, what a homecoming that will be.

You don’t have to wait anymore. Not for an invitation or a prayer.

It’s time.

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