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Expansive everything-else that covers the globe;
Contains everything that isn’t human and
Embraces all that is human made and occupied.

And we put gates there.

As if this will contain the spread of that which is us.
And what is that stuff that we wish to contain?
What is the thing in humanity that we can’t trust
With the everything-else that cradles our domain?
That all-of-the-globe entity that maintains itself.
Creates sustainable cycles of life and death.
Movements of consumption and generation,
Of birth and death that moves material resource
Through stages and layers to feed the universe.

At the root of us is a knowing.
At the root of our souls we feel
That balance of the everything-
Else that we wish we could be.

But we lost it somewhere, didn’t we?

We left the wild spaces of the world
Which is to say we carved out a corner and changed it.
Remade it in the imagined structures of our mental faculties.
Created something we feel is better by some measure.

We carved out a corner
Of the everything-else
And unable to replicate
That sacred balance
And effortlessly
By the residents
That chose
To stay…

Unable to prove that we could do better
And still maintain something lasting

That was natural and effortless
For all of the residents…

Unable to come to an agreement with ourselves,
One macro organism of organisms covering the globe,
Striving to survive as a whole while competing in parts…

We put up gates in the wilderness…

To keep the wild thing that we have become at bay.
Only the container has now become the contained.
The land is all found and what was a corner-carved
Has become the framework upon which wilderness
Hangs perilously on fragile edge of no able recovery.

We put up gates in the wilderness…

To keep the reach of ourselves at bay and within reason,
Knowing that history has proven we do not know when
Enough is enough; when balance is off put and sideways.
We have broken free from the space designated human
And lost the part of us that knows where equilibrium lies.

We put up gates in the wilderness…

To make weeping heart apology with stern fist;
Part apologizing for other part by restriction
Because no part can tame the wild in other;
A wildness we took from the wilderness
When we left and remade the world.

We put gates in the wilderness…

In the hopes that the parts that can’t remember
Will understand the rigid fist of the new wild
Telling them where the border of balance is
So that maybe their heart will awaken again
And they will again know the balance, lost.

We put gates in the wilderness…

Because we are unable to connect to our whole selves anymore
Living in a a remade world by which intellect has dictated rules
And the heart must scrape and claw through tough brambles
To come to a soft place where felt can be seen and thought
Is not the ruler… We created a new sort of wilderness…

And we put gates in our home….

In which we find ourselves still a part of the everything-else.
A home that has always been patiently waiting for us to return.
A last attempt to quell the rampant and relentless ravaging
Of a creature striving to regain composure; universe watching.
Before all is lost and the wilderness created ends our story.

We put gates in this place,
That we call wilderness,
So that one day,
We can go

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