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What’s in a Winter Wolf Moon?

It’s been said that the wolves howl more longingly and often in the Winter months. Some say it’s their hunger in a season of scarce food. Others sense a romance in the majestic creatures roaming the wild, singing to the moon. Or maybe they howl more often and we simply notice when the sun sets early and there’s less to occupy the mind.

For my part, I’ve been lucky to hear wolves in the wild a few times, and their essence has walked with me for a long while. I can’t say for certain why, but I’d like to think that they call to the world to remind us of something.

In old cultures that lived alongside wolves before western society turned them into blood thirsty outlaws, they were the symbol of Courage and Loyalty. Venturing out in packs or solo to brave the wild with calm stoicism.

They are the bringers of Balance and a clear connection to Intuition and Instinct. Moving through the wild with a deep stillness in their eyes. This is not a creature that makes hasty decisions.

And then we have the Moon.

Marker of time and the flow of process and progress. The moon moves methodically through our lives, making it’s pace and position known. The Moon carries regularity through our lives with an easy, natural pace.

And, it also carries the key to our internal process. Light reflected onto the dark mirror only to be reflected back into our lives in the dark of night. Illumination of that which is subtle or hidden.

I’ve used the moon to track my objectives, my progress, and my mission for some time now. I’ve follow the cycles from Dark to Full, waxing and waning through crescents time and time again.

Maybe it’s the Wolf in me, but I can’t help but look up and around as I move through life, and every night there she is, letting me know my place in the flow of time.

And that subtle lunar eclipse?

Sunlight rays shining our shadows onto the greatest mirror known to man. Bringing our inner worlds to the forefront of awareness. The eclipse is an opportunity to see the world in a different way, outside of the ruts of routine and regularity.
And in this moment of Wolf and Moon, there is plenty for us to ponder.

What does it mean to navigate through time intuitively?
How can we hold courage as we trace the light back to our shadows?
When is stillness invaluable and inseparable from progress?

Where does the Wolf speak to each of us when the Moon shines bright?

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