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Based on work by Forrest Landry and a few conversations with Daniel Schmachtenberger

If you’ve been reading, and you’d like to have an easy checklist to look for ways you can participate in the shift towards a better future, you’ve come to the right place.

These are in no order of priority, and each item will be linked to an article that expands the concept so you have all the information you need!

  • Points of Interest for individuals/agents/businesses desiring participation in win-win systems.
    Objective: Clear changes to actions that will prepare said agent/business for transition and/or set them into transition system state.


Elements of an Emergent and Transition-Ready Business

  • Anti-Rivalrous
    • Opt to NOT lose while also NOT winning
  • Endeavor to close loops in the system
    • Extend this process towards regeneration
  • Complex and Anti-fragile
    • Description
    • motive/mode of conduct
  • Develops theory of choice to guide theory of causation
  • Prioritizes VALUE over profit margin
  • Global human systems sustainability
    • While still maximizing individual optimal results
  • Feeds Commonwealth
    • Contribute Information
    • Contribute Non-finite digital assets
    • Opt for asset sharing before individual ownership
  • Doesn’t create false scarcity while building access
  • Denies/counters Addiction promoting elements
  • Promotes trust/reliability between service provider and client
  • Biophilic Design Theory
  • Success determines price/investment not time-spent
    • Assuming basic costs of service are covered at minimum
  • Scaleable Adaptive Capacity
  • Symmetric with Environment
  • Reality defined by measure &  experience
    • As well as additional methods of reality exploration
  • Reduction/removal of depletion and pollution
    • Recycle/reclaim assets as much as possible.
  • Incentivizes sharing (commonwealth)
    • With express intention of removing incentives ASAP
  • Identify industries that are “race to the bottom” incentivized
  • MINIMAL: Find elements that can be flipped to a “net positive best practice”
    • Ex: meat industry is going for inhumane mass production, you go for highest quality organic.
    • Cost to produce might increase to 1.2x, but retail price can be placed at 2x
  • OPTIMAL: look for opportunities to flip a “race to bottom” bust to a “race to top” boom
    • Ex: Lifetime warranties
  • Look for symmetrical ethics as a priority
  • Do not promote or support the promotion of inferior products and services
    • If you have the capacity to push a product/service to the top of the visible options, but that product is inferior to the alternatives, do not
    • Ex: You have a decent but not excellent LMT as a potential client. You are an SEO expert. Do not optimize them for first-seen visibility when there are better LMTs in the area.
  • Avoids being subverted by use of obvious differentiation
    • If you’re introducing an expertise, or offering one, others will copy your forward-facing to compete
    • To maintain market share, demonstrate obvious superior differences
      • ONLY if you ACTUALLY have a superior service
      • Do not do so in a way that intentionally creates a lose for the other
      • Do not do so by putting the other provider down
      • Demonstration > Verbalization
  • Avoid being subverted by use of certified information
  • Focus in your EXPERTISE
    • Where you can help, improve, or provide greater service
    • If you do not have superiority in an area you find joy, study/train before offering it for pay



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