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Well, well. Fancy seeing you here.

I’m sitting in the dark doing a cigar that’s a bit too dry thinking about the ball I’ve started rolling.

Metaphorical ball. What a wild ride.

The discussion about win-win Dynamics has always been had withing the mindset and the context of win-lose.

Positive outcome discussed in the frame of zero sum.

And that’s never going to work.

I’ve found a deep part of me stemming from childhood aligns with the careful exploration of emergent systems by Forrest Landry and a few conversations with Daniel Schmachtenberger.

We’ve had talks.
We want to see this used.
I’m on a mission.

But in order to talk omni win win we can’t do it in the context of competition.

As well, we can’t simply trade systems because we’re in the old. By it’s nature it will consume the new. Having only touched the surface in posts so far, the reactions and responses demonstrate this.

We have to reject the concept of rivalry while still thriving in a system of rivalry.


By definition a transition system has to be designed to take resource from the old and directly shuffle it into the new.

Transitory transition.

It’s a wild notion to grasp let alone discuss clearly, not to mention enact.

I’m determined.

If you’re disheartened, I hear you.
If your worn down, I feel you.
If you doubt, I get it.

I’m not even sure of the process myself.
But I have no doubt that it’s possible.
We’re still sorting specifics.
We want to give you something you can use.

I’m not asking you to dive in head first.
I’m only asking that you watch
With an open mind and a soft heart.

To clarify, I’m not speaking for Daniel.
But I am speaking from the space of this dialog…

A tangent…
…I witnessed something today.
Live action demonstration of leadership from a rivalrous frame to a mutual win frame. It was beautiful.

Have faith and patience. Be willing to drop any notions of this conversation you’ve had before and come in fresh. I was built for this and it might be a tricky process but I’m determined to navigate it….

And… actions mean something.
Talk is easier, especially on the internet.
So I’m going to step into it.

Check it out.

I have some passions. Quite a few actually. It’s been said that my high energy and obsession with exploration has allowed me to cover some ground. I’ve seen things, been places, and developed proficiency in a wide array of skills that most haven’t had a chance to even try. Wildly and unapologetically blessed. You could call them expertise. I see them as field tested methods of doing the human thing.

Any way you slice it, I’m in a unique position to give this a fair go.

This makes me nervous on one level:
Economically it’s a tricky proposition.
But it excites me on another level,
And I’ve got to trust it.

Essentially the mark of a transition system income as I experience it is one generated from skilled service. From giving your time, and your energy, and your expertise in a direct way. Producing successful results and tangible assets…. And on the other hand willingly and without expectation give what is non-scarce away. For free. Contributing to the commons…

Digital information products are prime candidates. It doesn’t always work. Some of us build a livelyhood on these things. Can’t just flip the table. But when an individual is able to provide high level services AND generate useful info for others, bingo.

And seeing this so clearly, it’s obvious that I’m a prime candidate.


Action with words.

I’ve already switched all my short form PDFs to instant download. The site is still shifting but you can find them in the Library at .

I’ll be opening up all of my digital courses. They’re something between guiding, coaching, and actionable strategies. They used to cost between $300 and $700. They live in a group space and if you want access let me know. Human optimization. Mindset hacks. Things that work really well for me. And for those I’ve taught.

Now free.

The part of me that knows is excited.
The part of me that’s on a tight budget squirms.

For the record, my finances aren’t yet dialed in.
I leveraged returns to invest further,
And leveraged again.
Tight spot.

Old thoughts of capitalist programming still present.

I’ve completed all of my Totemic jewelry orders.

I’m giving away some of my income vectors.

First month since my birthday and I’m at a net negative cash flow.

Maybe I’m insane.
Maybe I’m optimistic.
Maybe I’m taking a risk
That I can’t afford to take.

Maybe it’s time.

I’m still available to do Totemic Jewelry work for $.
I’m still doing consulting and strategic work for cash.

But I don’t want to contribute to false scarcity.
I don’t want you to be stuck on the painful side of a paywall.

Stories surface.

“If they don’t pay they don’t pay attention.”
“You do your client a disservice by not allowing them to invest in themselves”
“If they’re not ready the information is useless.”

Not wrong. Just lacking in faith.
And might be a bit of capitalist justification.

I’d like to think that if you want a positive change in your life you don’t need to click a PayPal button to care enough to do the work. I’m sure it’s true for some.

“What if someone rips off the content and sells it?”

I’m not interested in that competition. Mine is still free.

It’s a gamble.
A gamble based in trust.

I trust you to love yourself enough to do the work.
And if you need direct hands on help, I’m for hire.
If you need some action on your project, I’m here.
I’m good for think tanks and big moves.
And if you want a piece of jewelry to represent you that isn’t fake, I’ve got you covered.

I won’t lose.
I won’t win either.

I’m stepping out of the frame.
I’m not afraid.
But I don’t have a financial plan either.
This is the edge.
I was born to be out here,
And share with you what I find.

Cigar done.
Breeze is cold.
I feel like I’m stalling
On pushing that button.

But I look up and it says:

Onward and upward, friends.

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