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The center is filled with the dense stuff of trend and popularity. The strongest tendencies spread through every fiber until, at the core, any given system looks monocultural. This is the nature of plants and ecosystems as much as it is of people and civilization.

But what’s new, better, next… drifts in from the peripheral on the backs of explorers. On their skin and by their experience. In their minds and in their pockets. Traits that evolve species. Heart stuff that changes nations. The stuff of life is from the fringe.

We need teachers in the middle. That’s the way of it for humans. At that central space we need individuals that are willing to learn what is known and pass it on. Not because we MUST preserve what we find. The idea of permanence and preservation is a human notion that the rest of the Universe scoffs at. No. We need these caretakers and educators because at the center the world is sterile. It’s sanctioned. It’s safe. And individuals that live and die here do not have the good fortune of being where the fresh vibrancy of reality is born. They have access to other fortunate things, yes, for this is the trade. Comfort or creation?

But we also need explorers. We need those creatures that cannot fathom a life of sanctuary. Sure, they may desire some amount of home-space to return to, but the call of the wild will always draw them out again.

And in their minds,
And of their hearts,
And in their pockets,
And by their experiences,

The world as known in the Center is inoculated with the spores of something bigger. Of the infinite potential beingness that encompasses ‘everything else’. The world of safety is enriched and inspired. The middle is given complexity.

And other explorers are born of this that do not venture out, but instead venture in. And from those frontiers of the mind and soul they bring back such magnificence. And yet more explorers are born. Where the first went out, and the second went in, these go through. They go beyond. They go sideways.

Always compelled to the dark and bright corners of the wild infinite,
Always returning with new ideas, fresh feels, crude innovations, and themselves.

That’s the part that the Center Dwellers have begun to forget. 
The ‘things’ that come back to be adopted and used are appealing
But the explorers that move themselves between edges are the prize.

The old tribes knew this.
Those that survive still do.
And the new tribes are learning.

This organism that is the human species is beginning to see itself again.
Dawn of a new age where community flourishes and all parts
And all types, and all peoples… are appreciate for what they are.

Here’s to it,
Onward and Upward,
-Your Metaphyst

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