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I just saw a man waltzing down the street in a three piece suit too big for him with big black sunglasses, chewing gum.

He looked really. Fucking. Happy.

Pleased with himself in an almost childlike way,
That he was out in public dressed as the blues brothers and it was OK.
Like he’d been given permission to be whomever he wanted.

But just for the day, right?

Just because it’s Halloween?

And if you asked him, ‘Yo, what’s with the suit?’

I imagine he might try to play with you. Look down at his oversized jacket and smile at you. You pause though. So he offers up an explanation.

“I’m the Blues Brothers? Get it?”

And if you gave him a skeptical look?

Back to normal life with a parting excuse, “It’s Halloween. Just a costume… having fun, you know?”

I can’t say for certain this particular man would have responded in this way, but I’ve seen it dozens and dozens of times. And as the energy deflates from his shoulders and his walk becomes heavy, his mind might drift back to “reality” where fun is circumstantial and only with justifications such as national holidays, important celebrations, and mental illness.

You’re welcome to live that life.

But I have an invitation for you:

What if the truth was that your reality can be fun? Can honestly be playful and you can actually wear whatever you want? That you don’t need an excuse to express yourself as who you actually are, down to your bones?

What if every time you outsource your personal right of expression to days on the calendar and culturally acceptable scenarios, you lose a little bit of your spark?

What if culture isn’t something you must fall in line with,
But actually something you create alongside everyone else?

What if his answer was, “This is an epic fucking outfit, I love it”, and that was enough?

What if that was your answer?

There is a moment in your life that may have come already or that you are still approaching. It might be soon, or it might be distant, but whichever way, it’s your choice when it comes. This moment is a moment that defines how you experience “reality”. Which is to say, how you CREATE reality. This is the moment where you realize you’re in the captains chair, and you can wear whatever you damn well please.

But more than costumes and clothing,
This is the moment you choose to be yourself,
To settle into your seat of power and simply Be.
And as you settle in you might find that there are pieces.

Pieces you didn’t realize were yours, that you forgot to pick up.

Deep primal ways of knowing that, when integrated, don’t replace your rational, logical self, and don’t displace your respectable zen composure. Instead, they support it. They bolster it up. They balance the scales and hot wire Intuition directly into the main circuitry. And sitting there in your throne, pleased with yourself, you finally feel whole.

I’m working directly with folks that aren’t available for less. Maybe that’s you? Only way to find out is to reach out and send me a message.

And yes, you can wear whatever you want.

Photo by Summer Athena Fae, edits by Christina Solaris.
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