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Sometimes it’s necessary to strip it all down to the bare essentials.

As members of a species that exemplifies complicated we’re at a real risk of dooming ourselves to something we didn’t really think through all the way. Or we did, and that complication tendency is out in the wide open.

In the software world they call it bloatware.
In the marketing world they call it bundling.

Both essentially mean you’ve added a handful of extras that aren’t part of the core thing, but you stick them in there anyways for any number of reasons. some good. Some evil.

But I digress.

You see, we’ve also got another little quirk: we’re really effectively evolved to create habits and adapting to adverse conditions. Give it a few weeks of repetition and we’ll do the thing until the cows come home and barely realize it. Like frogs in water we get used to our environment regardless of how much it burns.

So on the one had there’s a complication making tendency.
And on the other hand, there’s an unconscious settling.

It is often the case that we don’t even realize we’re sitting in our own complicated little world, and even less aware that we don’t need most of it.

Sounds pretty annoying, doesn’t it?

It is.

It’s especially annoying when you can see the clear desk on the other side of the rainbow. When the extraneous bullshit shines like glow in the dark glitter under a blacklight, and you’re wondering if you should try and vacuum the little devils up or just burn it all down.

And so we strip it down.
Down to what’s actually true.
Down to what’s actually beautiful.
Down to what we actually need.

And down under the hectic lifestyle and the muddy mindsets…
Under the 72 step business with the 9 different platforms…
Beneath all of that which you’ve come to accept and endure…

There’s you.

There’s the living, breathing, feeling, thinking you.

Taken to the extreme, this creature only needs water and shelter, food and fire. And we can be liberal with our interpretations of those. They’re flexible in their simplicity.

And once you’ve got a keen eye on those, you add pieces in.

Only what actually works. Only what you actually want and need. Only the mechanisms of your success. Only the pieces that actually matter. Don’t worry about your business empire or your family or your 17 dogs. This is about you.

Down under all the relationships you’ve formed with people, creatures, and markets, you’re still living, breathing, feeling, thinking.

I find people somehow forget this.

They become the aspects of their life and experience. They become the stress and the to do list. They become the calendar. They become the due dates and social personas and mainstream news channels until there’s not much left on the surface of who they actually are. Like an old ship covered in years of slime and barnacles.

But you know what all of that stands on?

Still you.

Foundations work is finding out what’s essential. Finding out what’s truly yours, and what’s an expression into the universe. It’s about knowing where you actually stand and having a sense of self beyond any of the complications.

And you don’t have to go into the woods for weeks on end.
You don’t have to travel solo for months around the world.
You don’t have to sit in a quiet room with yourself for hours.

But you can.

I did.

But there are many roads to the center of all things. Little shortcuts and more direct paths. Not everyone needs to be the fringe explorer in this world of self realization. Not at first.

If you’re going to live in this wild world,
I’m of the opinion that it should be as yourself.

Not as the person expected of you,
Or even the one you expect of yourself.

Not as the thing it makes you become,
Or even the person you devise on a worksheet.

Under all of the expectation and projection, under all of the cultural norms and well sold systems, under every ounce of habit formed on the back of something that’s “good enough”, there’s someone uniquely qualified to be whatever it is you came here to be.

I’m of the opinion that there’s an essential need for each of us to be more of that. Stripped down to the essentials, standing strong in the instinctual awareness of ourselves.

And then we’ll go from there, and see what the world becomes.

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