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Two nights ago I had the good fortune of being invited to a gathering led by the deeply capable Christina Solaris. Pluto is stationing direct today, and so to prepare and celebrate, we did what we do best: hold a fire-centered gathering with intentions, prayers, food, and connection.

These moments or the ones that remind me that I am on the path, that my people are around me, and that every step is in a series of steps.

The ones before lead to all possible placements of the next,
Which feeds into the momentum upon which another is placed,
Onward into the future as we leave our marks on the earth.

It’s easy to think, at the epiphanies and breakthroughs, the callings and the whispers, when the invoice gets paid or the project flies, that we have “done the thing”; that we are off the hook.

This feeling of completion is intoxicating,
And it is a deception left to test us.

As the ritual wrapped up and we settled back into our physical bodies, Sitting around the mandala altar of singing bowls and signs of autumn,
A phrase entered my awareness clear as a bell, with no mental clutter:

I set people free.

It seemed so simple that a smile crossed my face.
It felt so profoundly accurate that I was taken aback.
It contains within it the seeds of everything I do.

I make Totemic objects, connect them to personalized rituals, and imbue them with notions of the beyond for people who are doing the hard work of setting themselves free. Elevating their attentions for the sake of their services. Removing their self-set shackles to move with more ease.

I write prose and have conversations that in the moment flow and don’t often have a clear purpose, but that land within people where their deepest hopes live, and from that they draw their own strength to change, shift, evolve, and step forward.

I spend time rewilding those that are no longer willing to navigate the world with half of their tools locked away. Usually men; maybe because I’ve walked a number of paths and can clarify theirs. We don’t use curriculum or rubrics of conversation, yet somehow the person that comes back with me is not the one that went out.

And in all of these cases, when it comes down to it, I set people free.

This might sound boastful, but remember that in the ventures of the soul, the guide simply sets the frame. You do the work. And so in that way, these individuals set themselves free as well. A great unfolding of selves.

It felt like a breakthrough, for a moment.

But I long ago left behind the notion of deep visceral completion. Of epiphanies that get to stand on their own, never utilized for self or other. I like to rest from time to time. But it is a rest in the knowing that there is, as long as I am here, more to do and become.

Weeks back, I got the hit to make my guide work public again.

Good conversations with Matt Kreinheder, the captain of clarity, tend to line up the dots. While he does the powerful task of aligning strong practitioners to their work, I tend to facilitate deep self alignment. And so in this way, a breakthrough yesterday is the next part in a thread that started weeks past.

And that thread has a long lineage of moments in which the universe tells me, sometimes not so subtly, that I have work to do here. That this is mine to do. That I should not dally on the path of setting people free, so that they can create their sovereignty.

So if you’re feeling the need for done-ness,
Fear not, it will not be ending any time soon.
Better yet, feel the flow of progression.
Settle in to that which is yours to do.
And always remember
That you
Are not

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