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Since we’ve been talking about Cohorts a lot lately,
And I’ve loved the notion of these structures since saw them on the big screen and later studied their effectiveness in business,

I figured I’d throw up a list of “archetypes” I’d like to have contact with for future cohort fun.

An archetype, in this case, is a generalized profile for a given person’s passion, style, and expertise.

For example: I’d consider my archetype patterns to be Alchemist, Guide, and Inventor, with a tendency towards Rebel, Catalyst, and obviously Explorer.

Essentially, I love to look for new ideas, solve new problems, and jump-start people, projects, and movements. I’m obsessed with the edges of society, curious about the fringes of known-reality, and love to push limits.

But I do this in a way that prioritizes fundamentals and simple answers. In my experience, the simplest answer is often the best, and sets of simple answers get a lot more done than complicated ones.

I love to work on projects around innovation, invention, product or event launch, logistics and efficiency, cutting edge tech, and explorative think-tanks.

If the client has something interesting, valuable, and emergent transition viable, I want to be involved in making it a success.

I play with CAD, CAM, digital art, physical craft, and high end jewelry processes. I study and apply philosophy, hybridize systems, and have an extremely mobile lifestyle.

I’ve been known to work with animals, live in the wilderness, and create spontaneous answers to time-sensitive problems; but I also love comfortable modern spaces and fast wi-fi.

I generally work well with people and have a high level of interpersonal capacity.

And that’s more or less who I can be in a Cohort!

It’s really about passions, interests, and skill-sets.
Connecting with people that have complimentary sets on projects that need both.

So, who am I looking for?


A Technician

Someone with skills around coding and programming, online systems and apps. The ability to dig into tech and know exactly what’s going on, or create systems of software and hardware to answer any need.


A Bard

Someone who can sing the praises of the cohort, connect with the clients or the audience, and generally interface between us and the outside world. Someone with extensive interpersonal abilities. Typically these types are empaths and can read a room or an individual in moments.


A Strategist

Someone who may not be an expert at every skill-set, but can readily identify what skills, techniques, methods, tools, or any element in general is best suited for the task. This person knows the general application of most things and can build frameworks for how the cohort will efficiently achieve our objective.


A Taskmaster –

Someone who can handle any and all basic tasks, and probably a few dozen at a time. The ultimate multi-tasker that if given a list of shopping items, phone calls, research topics, purchases…. will be half done with the list before you even hand them the paper.


An Inventor

This is someone who not only innovates current designs but often creates their own. It can’t hurt to have two and often it’s necessary. They learn the methods and find ways to create new results and products. They thinks sideways: always looking at parallel returns, mutual benefits, and stacked-results.


An Emergent Marketeer

Someone who is the gun slinger of the economic world. They know the methods, systems, and playing field of getting a product to market or a service booked. Unlike a traditional marketer, the Emergent Marketeer is one who strives to do their magic with emergent transition systems in mind. They sell with honesty and the power of mythology in their back pocket. Connecting the Cohort to audience and client with solid ethics and a good story


More to come!

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