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The universe as you know it is a complex web of interconnection. Even down into the complicated systems that humans create. You might think it’s economics over here, traffic over there, and what you had for lunch in it’s own little world.

But that’s essentially nonsense.

Strangely enough, modern civilization seems to have glossed over this element of reality. It’s convenient to ignore. But it isn’t new. Humans have been aware of the intricate overlaps for quite some time.

Marcus Aurelius often said, “What we do now echoes in eternity.”
He was talking about peace and war.

Edward Lorenz coined the phrase Butterfly Effect, which states that ‘a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.’
He was talking about chaos theory.

Alan Watts likened the human being to a tiny curly cue on the edge of a grand pattern created when a bottle of ink is thrown at a wall. Unique but entirely a part of the process.
He was talking about the individual.

And yet somehow, despite these clear understandings of interdependence and collaborative reality creation, we continue to fuck it up.

We could discuss and blame all sorts of aspects of civilization but lets skip that, shall we?

IN YOUR LIFE, there are closed and open loops.
Essentially in all of physical reality this is the case.
But the difference between human systems,

And the ones created by the natural universe,
Is that we tend to have a lot more open loops.

A loop is the process that any given resource, entity, element, energy, or other dynamic thing goes through as it moves through reality. It’s the path that something takes through time.

The universe, clever as she is, has determined that it is quite obvious that closed loops are best.

Plants take soil nutrition and sunlight to create organized matter, and produce fruit.
The fruit ripens and falls.
From here it enters two loops:
(1) The fruit rots and it’s composition returns to the soil.
(2) The fruit is consumed by animals, nutrients are absorbed, matter is excreted, and eventually that animal dies. Both animal and matter return to the soil.

From there, the cycle repeats, as new plants take soil nutrition and sunlight to produce fruit.

This has an obvious complexity to it, but in a general sense it is easy to understand. It is also fairly adaptive, and does not rely on extremely narrow margins of error. At any given point a part of the loop can fail, and the system defaults to “returns to the soil.”

This is a beautifully closed loop.

Now you’d think that having evolved within these systems, we’d build the same things.
But unfortunately, we don’t. Or at best, we create VERY long loops that close eons later.
For the sake of our lives now, lets just say that if it takes more than a human generation or two, it could be “more closed”.

But what do we do instead?

(A) Petroleum that has a very long cycle of production in the earth is extracted. Risky process.
(B) It is processed and refined into materials that have similarly long cycles. Risky process.
(C) Those materials are turned into products and distributed across the globe. High cost.
(D) Once used, they are discarded, or at best turned into other long-cycle products…

This is not a closed loop. Not even in the slightest.
It is in fact a Risky, high cost, polluting, open loop.
One of the worst kinds of loops we could create.

We can talk about environment and recycling later, you get the idea.

The point is:
When a loop is closed it creates sustainability.
When a loop is closed it creates anti-fragility.
When a loop is closed it creates coexistence.

Now, I’ll let you in on a bit of a not-so-secret. I’m a bit of an existentialist. I’m not bothered by the notion that it maybe humanity’s “purpose” in the universe to turn this planet into the hottest, most plastic ridden, epic-level nuclear radioactive ball of rock this side of the milky way just in time I for a far superior species to come along with their Dyson’s Sphere and use Earth as a giant battery.

And I’ve tapped into the space outside of this dual reality enough to know that this human experience isn’t going to make or break the fabric of everything.


I am here. We are here. And so long as we’re here, it would be clever to consider the possibility that we can make this experience something to write home to god about.

And that sounds like fun to me.

So I have a challenge for you: Close as many loops as you can get a hold of.

Look at your business, at your life, at your daily happenings.
Look for the places where a resource, energy, or thing comes
Into your realm of control and you essentially
Use it up and leave it hanging.

And change that.

I’ve started a silver and gold reclamation invitation in my jewelry business.
Scooping up jewelry that isn’t worn anymore to be remade into Totemic pieces.

You might be using a process that’s wasteful when a more sustainable option exists.

Maybe there’s something sneaking around in your financial sector that passes the bill on.

I’m not suggesting
That you need to
Fix the entire

But if we are all “in the business” of closing loops,
We might just see some butterflies have their effect.

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