When you want to know, beneath your mind and beyond what’s sensible, hone your Instinct.


Knowledge is power. Logic is critical. Clear communication is key.

But at the end of the day everything else stands on your root foundation.

And INSTINCT is the truth of your ROOT.

When you want to feel the truth rise up through the earth into your awareness, Instinct is key.

Your bodily knowing from the origins of your primal animal self is a radically different type of intelligence than most people recognize, let alone actively develop.

Even intuition, though vital, depends in part on your gut senses.


 Instinct is based in the animalistic self, a self that has been in evolution for hundreds of thousands of years. A reliable sense that we’ve recently become disconnected from in a world that pushes us to detach and distract.

This the gateway to your Instinct.


Maturing your instinctual awareness will put you back in touch with what you are at your core: a human animal, a citizen of nature, a node in an endless biological web.

The web is always speaking with you, but you’ve forgotten how to listen.  Your head is so fully of thinking and your bones are so empty of feeling.

This training will help you to reignite this most fundamental way of experiencing your reality and reawaken your Instinct.


It will, in time, have impact on absolutely everything.

  • Do you keep choosing the wrong partner? YOU NEED instinct training.
  • Do you keep missing the mark in your business? YOU NEED instinct training.
  • Do you get paralyzed by decisions in your life? YOU NEED instinct training.


And just like wolves returning to their den before a winter storm you too have the organs of instinct necessary to be in tune with the Earth.


Look, this isn’t just one of Cedric’s fancy ideas. This has been proven.

As David Plans wrote for Scientific American:

“Our culture, technology and medicine have progressively made us into poor interoceptors.”

Yeah, ok, and WTF is an interoceptor?

Interoception is a clever scientific word that means GUT INSTINCT.  

In Nature (one of science’s most respected journals) a landmark study showed that British stock traders who had intentionally developed their interoception (gut instinct) outperformed those who were “book smart” by a margin of nearly 1.5 : 1.  

JUST IMAGINE having a 50% advantage over the competition in your market, or a 50% boost to your natural ability as a mother. 

Whether they would say it this way or not, these people are operating from the same critically important skillset I’ve taught to successful people (financially and otherwise) all over the globe for the past decade.

So let me tell you what INSTINCT is NOT:

  • This is not intuition – intution will keep you floating in the air, not rooted to the earth.
  • This is not better thinking – we’re going to get you BEYOND the mind, not stuck in it.
  • This is not just “following the flow” – flow will happen after you learn listening, discernment and action.

INSTINCT is the FOUNDATION for ALL OF THESE.  We start at the root, and work our way up.

All our intelligence is built on this, but we’ve lost it. We got to comfortable with our tech and living in pre-fab boxes. We learned to eat out of bags and cartons instead of finding where our food grows and working for it. We’re disconnected from the source of knowing in our life.

It’s not your fault, it’s the world you were born into, but now you know, and are responsible for what you do with it.

 Now, let’s not mince words and keep this simple.


This is a 5 Day Upgrade for your Instinct.


On Monday May 25th, we’ll begin the process of honing your Instinct in Three distinct ways.

  • Awareness
  • Access
  • Application

Through a series of recorded content (posted every morning), daily LIVE conversation (at noon and 6pm pacific time), and practical and effective homework, I’ll be with you as you activate what has been waiting for you all this time.

BONUS: This works best running alongside the allies you already trust so if you join with a friend, partner, lover, or otherwise notable accountability partner, I’ll give you 25% off each ticket. Just message me and I’ll hook you up with a special link.

Already a successful master of business or effective father?
Consider yourself an intelligent and thoughtful partner?
Pretty sure you’ve got everything you need to thrive?

That’s Great.

I expect you to show up with some skin in the game and some skills on the table. This isn’t a band-aid for all of your problems. It’s an optimization of your foundation so that everything you put yourself to in the world stands on a rock solid foundation of embodied clarity.

And if you are concerned you can’t keep up?
Worried that you might not be good enough?
Afraid to invest yourself where you can’t win?


One of the things I know is that Instinct isn’t elitist, and everyone has work to do. Chances are you’re more of a badass than you think. Chances are you’re ready for more. And I know in my own blood and bones that everyone has access to Instinct.

So, you can keep your stories, be they “too good” or “not enough”,

Or you can join us in this Blood and Bones Instinct Upgrade.



Orientation. Awareness. Understanding. 

We’ll begin by turning on the radar, so to speak. Connect you to what your instinct is and hit the ground running with embodiment practices and activate or improve your sensation awareness. 



Perception. Practices. Animal Emulation.

 Now that the fires are burning and you’re paying attention, we’ll cover the importance of perception and self checking. Add a few more practices to the mix for good measure, and learn how our brothers and sisters in the wild work with their Instinct.



Science. Choices. Environment.

Yes, there’s some science in this. We’ll make sure you know the how so that you can prompty let it go and leave it up to your natural ability to tune in. And once you’ve got that, Day Three is about applying our renewed connection to making choices and navigating the world.



Intuition. Anchors. Application.

As your Instinct gets stronger and your ability to listen grows, we’ll get into the nuances of how Instinct differs from the more commonly known Intuition. We’ll go over some applications and then discuss the power of Anchors in the world of awareness and Instinct.



Continuation. Pitfalls. Integration.

We’ll wrap up on Day Five by going over how you can continue your training after we complete and what confusions and traps to look out for. After that is full system integration as you welcome your Instinct into the rest of the family to create balance between all parts.

And just to spice things up a bit…

There Will Be Prizes

What’s a Five Day training without a bit of motivation? Bonus points if the prizes will enhance your Instinct Upgrade. So without further delay…


3 One-on-One Sessions with Cedric Winter Wolf to fine tune your progress and enhance your foundational strength and adaptability. That’s 60 minutes, three times, just you and me.


UPGRADE to a Silver Totem of Instinct + Custom engravings added that are distinct to you and your story to maximize the anchoring power and remind you of your mission.


$111 in credit to be used at your discretion on anything in the Cedric Winter Wolf universe. This includes items at winterwolfjewelry.com as well as direct work with Cedric. You invest in this training, here’s your chance to keep the value AND that cash.

Claim your Winter Wolf Totem of Instinct and a Spot in the Upgrade for $173.

Or if you’d prefer A La Carte, you can join us without the Totem with
$47 and your precious time and attention.

That about covers it. Now it’s time to choose. 


Do you spend your energy and attention upgrading the most fundamental mechanism of your navigation in this ever changing and recently chaotic world? Or do you continue as you are? 


There’s no wrong answer. 


But ultimately, whether you work with me, someone else, or go it alone, this world will demand more clarity and strength on your part than ever before. And as the landscape of society changes, we need more clear leaders in the world. 


Consider this your invitation.

A Bit About Your Guide…

Cedric Winter Wolf

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever walked a normal path. In fact it’s safe to suggest my life has been blessed and very unordinary. And despite being a Jack of all Trades type, I’ve dug deep into the soil of a few areas.

I’ve got over 11k hours in wilderness immersion, survival, and skills training mostly in Central and Western Oregon. And from there I went into Wilderness First Responder certification and Search and Rescue work.

After that something clicked.

What I took from the wilderness more than anything else was a sense of connection and clarity of something deeper, but I needed to test it.

Despite a degree in metal fabrication and jewelry, and a clear soul’s calling to the deepest wilderness, I put on a new hat and traveled the world as a digital nomad for the better part of 7 years.

Two carry on bags, enough digital tech to keep me connected, and an insatiable desire to explore brought me through 44 countries and well over 350 cities, some of which I still feel at home. I put my instinct and intuition training to the test and expanded it many fold as I navigated culture, language, logistics, and all manner of obstacles you’d expect for a solo traveler.

During that time I worked with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs in consulting, copywriting, and coaching.

All of which brings us here…

The persistent pulse of INSTINCT wove through every chapter of my life, evolving and advancing. Tested in new ways to bring out deeper intricacies. And now I’m here to support you in your path, because the world needs the clear and aligned to step up and I’d like to help you join us.

If you need more evidence to jump in, click here to check out my latest content and conversations.


 Blood and Bones Instinct Upgrade

$173 for Training + Bronze Totem*

$47 For Upgrade Training Only

*The Bronze Instinct Totem currently retails at $140,
which means you’re getting a nice little discount of 10% off!

And don’t forget! If you’re joining with your own partner in crime for accountability,
click here to message me for 25% off! 

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