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“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” -Lao Tzu

A small table altar for big deeds. Did you know it only takes a quiet spot and a thoughtful cup of tea to change your reality? Or maybe not even that? Stars wheel overhead regardless of the attention given to them. In our intellect we forget our place in the universe; that without doing, all things are done.

So, in the forgetting moments we find tools and techniques to align ourselves with where we were before we decided we were lost. Funny little game of hide and seek, played by the universe as us.

I’m not ashamed -and in fact I love- to make these tools and to use them, but I would never tell you that you need them. Everything is inside of you already. What more could you need?

And yet in the forgetting an anchor point in physical reality, in the form of a small table or a talisman or maybe just a folded paper in the pocket, is a nice thing to have. In this physical body it feels good to align external with internal. To create without such that we can find ourselves again, within.

So we make and strive and do and create and become.

All to get back to the source that we carry within at all times.

Let these little anchors in reality bring you home,
That you might pass them onward
To the next traveler in need.

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