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Adaptivity is a cornerstone of sovereignty that is easy to talk about but takes a considerable investment to cultivate.

To make it more fun, investment in adaptivity isn’t one of those things you can practice like downward dog or building houses. It nestles in between the layers of anything and requires that you do a lot more letting go than holding tight.

A standalone virtue with a convoluted birth story; we only truly learn to adapt when we find ourselves somewhere we didn’t expect with a need to complete the mission.

The wood wanted to be this little table but the natural voids demanded only three legs be placed.

Wobble is inevitable.

I could have planned it out, structured every step in virtual mind space before even touching the wood. But this little shrine wanted to form on the waves and ride from one action to the next.

Sometimes we can create opportunity to call forth that illusive versatility and practice being the one to flex, such that the materials can speak. And sometimes the materials are more about the person you’re becoming than the things you do.

Three legs. Check.
Wobble. Check.
T-foot? Check.

Wobble. Un-check.

It’s a little lesson but how else do we practice except for when elements of the bigger picture sneak into our day to day?

How else do we become more than the sum of our parts but through artistry and intuition?

What if the better version was hiding in the space between spaces and the planning was actually getting in the way?

What if it’s all in there, waiting to be freed?

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