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Messy, clean, and messy again.

At each transition from that which we were to that which we become, there is an experience of feeling misaligned. A sensation that we cannot do anything right and are yet again, a disaster.

But this is the chapter change.

This is the moment where the alignment of who you were no longer applies. Fresh truth is integrating into that timeless self that you actually are and a new expression is settling in. The resin and rough crushed rock is settling into it’s new home and what was once simply wood is now something else.

Something new.

It feels like misalignment because the alignment changes, not because you have momentarily failed and gone off track. And so what was once centered is now not, and a new center is born.

Within the chaos is all that you need to create something uniquely yours. Within the mess is the raw material for the next. It’s uncomfortable for a time, but that will pass.

Like the butterfly in the chrysalis, something beautiful is forming.

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