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Somewhere along the way it became obvious that IF the only metric that you calculate success by is money…then faster, quicker, and least energy is the best. So a lot of people began doing just that. And to stay in the race the rest followed.

They essentially created a race to the bottom. A standard of cutting as much out as possible to maximize cash. Notice how the only measure is cash. That’s what creates the bottom that everyone is hell bent on getting and seemingly oblivious to at the same time.

What bottom are we talking about?

The one that is lined up with extinction.
The one that is defined by failure to keep going.
The one that is easier to get to right now.

Remember from the last post, we’re already in line for mass system failure. For species if not planetary extinction. We don’t have to try for that one, it’s guaranteed at this point. So it’s the easiest outcome to get, because we can literally change nothing to do it.

Bottom is the shittiest version of any given industry, system, or condition.

It’s the place that none of us wants to be, but we’re all running straight for.
Not just running, but contributing to.

You heard me.

As Daniel said (paraphrased) to me while we sat on his back porch, “Whatever is considered best practice in a market is nearly guaranteed to be complete shit. Throw those out first.”

-But Cedric!? How do I stay in business if I throw out the things that my successful competition uses?!-

First off, fuck competition.

Not a soul in the universe can be you at this place and time. Embrace that.

Second, I’m going to suggest that you will be just fine if you offer a superior product with superior practices that don’t follow race-to-bottom trends.

Look: While everyone is racing to do it faster, quicker, cheaper, they’re also contributing to the negative impacts of their industry. Sure, those chemicals work better, but they don’t exactly neutralize when they get in the ground. Ah, you’ve got your entire funnel automated, zero hours needed for hundreds of leads and a good number of client sign ups? But what about your customer service?

The list goes on, and I am not saying efficiency is bad. But if you want to play with us in this emergent systems conversation, you’ve got to measure in more than one direction.

Cash is not the only metric. Not to mention when you measure in short term results (quarterly profit margins and projections, are you kidding me?) you lose track of long term impact and sustainability.

Optimize for the individual benefit and we lose on a global scale.

And get this: You’re on planet earth with the rest of us. Sincerely not fucking with you. We are actually on the same planet. Living in a universe that has a healthy addiction to synergistic systems.

So when you “win” and someone else “loses”…
Or you cut costs 10% this month with corner-cutting…
Or the industry competes by spending less to produce more…

You still lose. Because suddenly your running in a race-to-bottom… which only creates more races-to-bottom… And the planet simply can’t handle that much fuckery.

So what’s the alternative?

Shoot for the top.
What’s the top?

Top is the place where you provide the service to your eager customers by doing what the others won’t dare. By providing superior, healthier, cleaner, more ethical products. By taking that list of best-practices and flipping it on it’s head.

Everyone is increasing profit by using mono-crops and gmo seeds? Go full organic food forests.

They’re competing to produce the machined parts by using questionable chemicals? Find something that does the same job, but a hundred times cleaner.

Website building using a pile of copy-paste templates so that all of their clients’ sites pretty much look the same? You go full custom and actually get face to face with your clients to build the perfect site.

How you do it is up to you.

But your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find out how many ways you can make your service better by looking for positive impact methods.

And the best part?

You’ll stand out so well that you’ll get more clients.
And since you spent more on service you can charge more.
So now your profit margins are same or better.
And now they see you in action…
And suddenly you’ve started a Race to the Top.

You’ve created a switch in the industry that puts cash in your pocket and tips the scales away from extinction just a little bit.

Market “competition” derived from making the BEST product with the BEST practices without talking shit about your “competition” because you know if you want more clients you just need to flip another one of those “best practices”?

That’s primo.

Sounds intimidating doesn’t it?
Pro tip: don’t try and pin it all down at once. Pick one funky best-practice to flip. And once you’ve got that nailed down, do another. And another.

In no time your business will be so different from others in your market that you’ll be asking google, “How do I set up a waiting list on my website?”

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