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The ones that defined ancient civilization and performed feats unlike the world has yet to see, even to this day. The ones that didn’t go for the cheapest, the quickest, or the most reasonable.

They forged ahead with a question of, “What is the most spectacular that we can manifest in the world?”, and never looked back.

Abundance is a continence you hold in your body. In your cells.

It’s the way you exist, and the way existence reflects that back to you.

Abundance is about expecting greatness, and participating in the process of making that your reality.

This is what has gone into the Totemic Ring of Abundance. This is the awareness I held while making it. After studying the mystical workings of the Norse and Icelandic people for years, and just returning from Cusco, Peru, there was something in the way I saw and *felt* these peoples hold their abundance. Something that spoke to ambition, expectation, confidence, clarity. Something that didn’t settle for less.

I started with a base of 14k white gold.

I could have used silver. It’s more affordable.
I could have used a lower alloy. It saves a bit.

The concepts I was looking at required that hue that mirrors the endless reflections of moonlight, given night after night, so long as the sun shines and the moon moves. And in the spirit of the abundant, elite ancestors of humanity, only quality gold would work.

The stone is a small faceted Peridot.

Even before U.S. money was green, Peridot has held a notion of material abundance. It carries in it’s rich green hues the vibrancy of a living jungle. It hold the notion of growth. Of sustainability. Of physical life unchained.

When I went to add the Icelandic staves I considered using a more traditional form. Safe.

But something called to me through the hours of studying and pouring over any bit of academic material I could find. Something urged me to take what I’d learned to expand. The stave originates at the stone, moves through amplification to externalization; into growth by triplicate, onward to potentiality and forward motion. And all of this points back at the stone itself.

Abundance begets abundance.

What you hold in the origin seeds the future cycles of it’s own self and it starts with us. Thus the stave fuels the stave, with the Peridot as a marker of the turning wheel, and the abundance grows.

I considered leaving it there. For a time I did.

But Cusco touched my heart.

I sat at the Sacsayhuamán wall for hours. Literally hours. Staring at this feat of achievement that only the truly gifted and willing arbiters of “anything is possible” could achieve. Maybe it’s aliens. Maybe they had tech we can’t even comprehend. Maybe they somehow managed to do it all by hand.

It doesn’t really matter.

They carved thirty ton stones into complex shapes with as many as sixteen sides -if not more- and masterfully set them together so perfectly, so utterly without compromise, that in most places even a piece of paper cannot fit between these masses that even today, we cannot comprehend lifting. And stacked twenty feet tall, three or four stones deep, this wall has lived atop the hills of Cusco, at *twelve thousand feet* above sea level, for nearly a thousand years.

No compromise.
No limitation.
No doubts.

As I chased the profiles of these stones into the ring, nestled gently atop the Icelandic stave, I contemplated what the mind of those architects held. What notions and expectations of the universe did they live by? Where in our lineage has this intense determination continued?

Can we have access to that?

And I believe we can. I know we can.

Totemic work is about placing those very notions, feelings, sensations, ambitions… all that we desire and expect from ourselves and the world around us… into something that can be held. Something that can be worn. Something that can be seen.

It’s about creating an object that signifies and carries the magic we want to experience in our lives.

It’s about anchoring something grand into our field,
So that we might remember, calibrate, and embody.

So here it is.

A Totemic Ring of Abundance, carrying the frequencies and symbolism of materials and people that do not compromise on their dreams.

That do not accept limitation.

It’s been with me for a time, looking for a home.
I wonder who will claim it.

Who will take on the mantle of our Elite Ancestors?
Where will this ring travel once it’s owner steps forward to say, “That is mine because I am that Abundance, and I commit to showing up as such”?

Maybe it’s yours?

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